Rumor: Persona 3 and Jet Set Radio Remake Footage Surfaces Online

persona 3 jet set radio remake footage

Some apparently leaked footage of Persona 3 and Jet Set Radio remakes has surfaced online recently, with many believing in the legitimacy of the video. Though brief, the footage captures a more modern-looking version of both games with improved visuals and animations.

Here’s the full leaked clip, which also features some unseen footage of Sonic Frontiers, a game that already came out last November.

According to the tweet, the leaked footage comes from a SEGA internal meeting, with the label on the top right of the video reading “footage in development.” We can see Yukari Takeba in the first clip using her Persona, Io, while the third clip showcases Beat performing a dance in front of a few police cars. 

Interestingly, both games have already been speculated to receive remakes for some time. Jet Set Radio was apparently reported to be getting a remake last year (via Bloomberg). Persona 3, on the other hand, was the most-requested remake of the Persona series, tied with Persona 2, based on a poll conducted last year. Twitter user @MbKKssTBhz5 also discovered that a domain had been registered under the same provider as that of the Persona 5 Royal Japanese website (similarly named

With both games being fairly well-received back when they were first released, the footage gives both Persona and Jet Set Radio fans something to look forward to if proven to be legitimate.

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