Rust Update 1.21 Shoots Out for Fixes This December 16

Rust Update 1.21

Double Eleven has released the latest Rust patch, as Rust update 1.21 is out for download now! This title update includes a host of fixes. Check out the complete Rust update patch notes for December 16 below.

Rust Update 1.21 Patch Notes:

Survivors, here are the patch notes for patch 1.21. Also coming this week is our second wave of Christmas Skins! Be sure to check the skin store after the weekly wipe is complete. 🎅🏻


  • Optimized the performance and this should have a noticeable impact in the frame rate.


  • Fixed missing build options (EG. Triangle ladder hatches).

  • Fixed flashlight being in the wrong position on players when equipped to the Thompson.

  • Fixed roof twigs not having visual effects when destroyed.

  • Fixed free look not functioning while using a Jackhammer or Chainsaw.

  • Fixed the player’s being unable to split stacks in the inventory.

  • Fixed an issue which could cause you to get stuck in the building menu.

  • Fixed sleeping bags not being placeable on watch towers.

  • Fixed walls not being placeable around triangle foundation blocks, when stairs were in the centre of the foundation.

  • Fixed triangle roof wall creating incorrect wall shapes when a regular wall was placed adjacent to them.

  • Fixed walls not being placeable when being placed near existing ramps.

  • Fixed sleeping bag placement highlight from being incorrect when trying to place a sleeping bag next to your existing bag.

  • Fixed the collision on the Bridge under the rocket crane on the launch site monument.

  • Fixed the player’s inventory opening after exiting the workbench tech tree.

  • Fixed an issue stopping players from repairing a broken Workbench in the Repair Bench.

  • The Simple Handmade Sight should now be in the default Crafting Menu.


  • The HV rocket should only need a workbench level 2 to craft from now on.

  • The Rocket Launcher and High External Stone Gate are now craftable with a tier 2 workbench.

Double Eleven has also mentioned that the second wave of Christmas skins will be out this week as well too.

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