Rust Update 1.32 Patch Notes; Out for Huge List of Fixes This March 31

rust update 1.32

Double Eleven has now released Rust update 1.32 patch today, and this one is for a huge list of fixes, changes, and improvements to the game! Check out the full Rust March 31 update patch notes below.

Rust Update 1.32 Patch Notes | Rust March 31 Update Patch Notes:

Hello survivors! It’s the last Thursday of the month and you know what that means, another exciting Monthly Wipe!

For monthly servers this one will be a regular wipe, and for weekly servers it will be a Blueprint wipe. Next Month there will be a Blueprint wipe for all the servers.

Now for patch 1.32 – This patch includes more polishing of the Oil Rig monuments and a huge amount of bug fixes. Here’s the full list of changes and fixes:


  • Turned on the lights at the Oil Rigs. This should make it easier if you and your group decide to tackle the Oil Rigs during night time.

  • Improved the flightpath of Chinook helicopters as they approach and land on Oil Rigs.

  • The Heavy Scientists had to strong of an aim from long distances, so we reduced their accuracy when shooting from far away.

  • Increased the no-build zone at the Dome, around Oxum’s Gas Station and the Sewer Branch.

  • Reduced the size of the no-build zone at the small and large Harbor.

General fixes

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the controller to not be detected properly when the player disconnected and reconnected it.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when players get kicked for being idle.

  • Fixed a freeze that could occur when entering the Options menu just before the death screen appears.

  • Fixed the game becoming unresponsive after turning off one controller and connecting another.

  • Fixed an issue preventing the user from entering the Main Menu if online services are down.

Monument fixes

  • During the Oil Rig event, stopped Heavy Scientists shooting at players from inside the Chinook before it lands at the monument.

  • Fixed Large Oil Rig locked crate respawning before all Heavy Scientists have been killed.

  • Fixed blue and red keycard doors at the Oil Rig closing before the monument gets reset.

  • Fixed more rubberbanding and collision issues at the Oil Rig.

  • Fixed gaps in the floor at the lowest level of the Oil Rig not being transparent.

  • Fixed floating barrels on the Oil Rig.

  • Fixed more texture issues at the Oil Rig.

  • Fixed players being able to draw weapons inside Safe Zones.

  • Fixed players being unable to reach some areas of the Dome.

  • Fixed level of detail (LOD) distances in tunnels underneath the Launch Site and the Airfield.

  • Fixed the roof of the Airfield silo towers eating anything thrown at them.

  • Fixed flickering textures on top of Airfield hangars.

  • Put some oil on the gambling wheel so it spins smoothly at the Bandit Camp.

  • Fixed bet quantity on the gambling wheel not updating properly when adding or removing scrap.

  • Fixed metal beams in the Lighthouse not having collision.

  • Fixed sign for Repairs being in the wrong place at the Outpost.

  • Fixed players being able to clip through awnings above the Outpost workbenches.

Weapon and item fixes

  • Fixed Spas-12 shotgun not automatically reloading when a different ammo type is selected.

  • Fixed being unable to remove attachments from the Multiple Grenade Launcher.

  • Fixed missing reload animation on the Multiple Grenade Launcher.

  • Fixed visual issues on the Holo Sight and Simple Handmade Sight.

  • Fixed unneeded prompt for unloading ammo appearing on Smoke Grenades.

  • Fixed arrows sometimes becoming invisible during combat.

  • Fixed some weapons not having a glowing outline when dropped on the ground.

  • Fixed being able to place locks on Auto-Turrets.

  • Fixed some building blocks not being upgradeable.

  • Fixed being able to place objects where they will clip through L-Shaped and U-Shaped Stairs.

  • Fixed rubberbanding on Triangle Ladder Hatch.

  • Fixed incorrect shadow levels on Twig Walls.

  • Fixed the Wooden Shop Front not being a default item in the crafting menu.

  • Fixed missing information messages when repairing a structure that has been recently damaged, or when you don’t have enough resources.

  • Fixed the Quick Drop option not dropping broken items from the hotbar.

  • Fixed the Candle Hat making player feet shadows look weird.

  • Fixed incorrect time display when using the Diving Tank.

  • Fixed the Hoodie being able to be crafted outside of Workbench 2 radius.

  • Fixed the Water Barrel having the wrong description.

Vehicle fixes

  • Fixed boats not decaying when parked on structures just above the ocean’s surface.

  • Fixed RHIB causing a water splash effect when engine is turned off.

  • Repositioned collider for rowboat storage so that it is easier to to access when inside a boat.

  • Fixed gestures not working when sat in a boat.

World fixes

  • Fixed missing shadows for some road signs.

  • Fixed destroyed barrel fragments clipping through the ground.

  • Fixed texture issues on rusty barrels.

  • Fixed incorrect shadow levels on red fuel barrels.

  • Fixed some bus stops facing away from the road.

  • Reduced possibility of barrels clipping into walls.

  • Fixed missing collision at the top of palm trees.

  • Fixed a spot where players could get stuck between ice sheets.

  • Fixed seaweed growing above the ocean surface.

UI fixes

  • Fixed health bars not appearing correctly on damaged structures and NPCs.

  • Fixed gridlines sometimes disappearing when zooming out the map.

  • Fixed the map not panning to sleeping bag clusters when scrolling through them.

  • Fixed a hang caused by leaving a server from the respawn screen and then trying to reconnect.

Audio fixes

  • Fixed the audio transition when other players enter and leave water.

  • Fixed missing impact audio when shooting trees.

  • Fixed missing audio effect when moving between inventory and crafting menus.

  • Fixed audio effect for repairing objects coming from the center of the object instead of the impact point.

  • Fixed the audio when opening High External Gates being too quiet.

  • Fixed audio sometimes missing from Main Menu background videos.

  • Fixed loading music not looping perfectly.

  • Fixed impact audio firing when items are dropped onto supply crates.

  • Fixed delayed sound effects when walking through tall grass.

  • Fixed some UI audio effects being skipped.

Skin fixes

  • Fixed some skin previews not displaying correctly in the store.

  • Fixed some items losing their skins when dropped.

  • Fixed some lighting and texture issues on skinned weapons.

That’s about it for the patch. Stay tuned for more updates here on MP1st!

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