Rust Update 1.70 Drops for Cultivator Patch This May 25, Full Patch Notes Listed

Rust update 1.70

Rust update 1.70 is now out and this brings the big Cultivator content drop to the game. Players can expect a new farming system, the terrain revamp and more! Check out the official Rust Cultivator patch notes for May 25 below.

Rust Update 1.70 Patch Notes | Rust Cultivator Update Patch Notes:


Farming 2.0 introduces new items and systems allowing you to create a fully automated food source, provided you set it up correctly. Additionally, you gain control over various aspects of your crops, including growth rate, resistance to low temperatures, and yield per crop with the introduction of the new plant genetics system.

To embrace the life of a farmer, you’ll need a planter, some seeds, and a suitable location for your farm. It’s advisable to find a spot near a river, as this allows you to establish an automated watering system for your crops!

Once you have dedicated space for your planters, or even a unique farm base to house them, it’s time to focus on your irrigation system. Start by installing a water pump within your selected water source. This step is crucial as it enables you to utilise the new items introduced with Cultivator to create your own automated irrigation systems.

The irrigation system, also known as Fluid IO, is remarkably straightforward to set up. Simply power up your water pump and use the hose tool to connect it to your sprinklers. To enhance system efficiency, take advantage of additional new items like fluid splitters and fluid switchers. These components provide better overall control and can greatly reduce the water consumption of your farm.

If your planters are located inside a base, remember that plants require a source of light to grow. Installing ceiling lights adjacent to your sprinklers is the best way to provide what’s needed. With that in place, all that’s left to do is plant your seeds in the planter boxes and make it rain!


Another exciting addition to the game is the Mixing Table. This new feature allows players to craft potent tea potions using berries, as well as craft other important items like pistol and rifle ammo, explosives, low-grade fuel, and gun powder.

There are a total of 6 types of teas to craft, each with its own unique recipes and buffs. Depending on the type of tea you brew, you can benefit from radiation protection, increased yields of scrap/wood/ore when collecting these items, health regeneration over time, or even increased maximum health. Basic teas require barries for crafting, but by utilising the mixing table and combining multiple teas of the same type, you can upgrade your tea potions.

There are three different levels: basic, advanced, and pure. While pure teas are challenging to obtain, their effects are exceptionally strong once you consume them!


This release is the most substantial visual update ever introduced to Rust Console Edition. A visual overhaul that transforms the world with new terrain, trees, rocks, cliffs, grass, as well as the new lighting enhancements. The feedback from players on the Public Testing Branch has been nothing short of amazing, and the performance gains resulting from these changes elevate it beyond it being merely cosmetic. Notably, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles showcase the most remarkable improvements. In case you haven’t had the opportunity to witness it yet, here’s an exclusive sneak peek:


As to be expected in a content update, we couldn’t overlook the addition of thematic skins that come with it! As you can see, the Farmer set has been prominently teased throughout this Dev Blog, but we also have two other exciting additions, the Milk Commando and Tenderiser! Which one will you choose?

If there are other changes revealed as part of today’s patch, we’ll be sure to update the article.

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