Saber Explains What Happened to Ghostbusters The Video Game Remastered Multiplayer

Ghostbusters The Video Game Remastered Multiplayer

Back when Ghostbusters The Video Game Remastered was released in 2019, it was mentioned that multiplayer would be added in post-launch. Well, it’s been two years, and there’s no announcement or mention of the Ghostbusters The Video Game Remastered multiplayer from devs Saber Interactive.

Speaking to MP1st, we asked the studio what exactly happened to it, and here’s what Tim Willits, Saber Interactive Chief Creative Officer had to say.

MP1st:: What happened to the Ghostbusters: The Video Game multiplayer? Is it ever going to be released?

Willits: This is something the team really wanted to include when working on that remaster a few years ago and had been attempting it, but the state of the original multiplayer code unfortunately just didn’t cooperate. We did look into it but ultimately had to focus on recreating the single player experience fans were expecting from us. 

Sadly, from the sound of it, it doesn’t look like it’ll be happening anytime soon. Who knows, though? Perhaps we’ll get a new Ghostbusters game with multiplayer, which could potentially make up for this.

Are you still holding out hope for the Ghostbusters The Video Game Remaster multiplayer to be released or have you given up? Stay tuned to our full interview with Saber hitting the site soon, where we chat about World War Z, future projects and more.

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