Saints Row Update 1.06 Brings Co-Op & Various Fixes in Hotfix 2 This September 14

saints row update 1.06

Volition has released Saints Row update 1.06 (PS5 version 1.006), which is for hotfix #2! This is the game’s big September update, and includes bug fixes to co-op, mission progression, crashing and more! Read up on the full Saints Row September 14 patch notes below.

Saints Row Update 1.06 Patch Notes | Saints Row Update 1.006 Patch Notes | Saints Row Hotfix 2 Patch Notes | Saints Row September 14 Patch Notes:


Hotfix #2 has now been deployed for Epic Games & PlayStation, Xbox and Stadia are in the approval process with the platforms and we will update you when they are available. 


  • Epic Games:
  • PlayStation:

PS4 :


  • Xbox:

We will update this section when the hotfix is available for Xbox

  • Stadia:

We will update this section when the Hotfix is available for Stadia



  •  Fixed an issue where the host could crash in the Casino instance of the Mayhem Criminal Venture.
  • Fixed a case where the APC sometimes failed to advance during the objective “Protect the APC” in the mission “First F@cking Day”.
  • Fixed an issue where the client may become unresponsive when progressing through the Mercado instance of the Jim Rob’s Criminal Venture.
  •  Fixed an unresponsive state that could occur when dismissing a second game invitation attempt.  
  •  Fixed an instance where the client could lose functionality when performing a flaming punch while the mission is being restarted in the Dojo Criminal Venture.
  • Fixed a case where enemy NPCs could sometimes fall through the map preventing the threat from being completed in the Monte Vista district. Sneaky move on their part but it is no more!


  •  Fixed the dialogue not triggering that prevented progression during the objective “Talk to Kev” in the mission Fast and the Foodiest. Not being ignored by Kev – life goals.
  •  Fixed an instance where the Nahualli could become trapped behind the wall of the HQ after the mission Corporate Retreat.
  • Fixed a case where the player could not progress during the objective “Let Grandma Handle This” in the Wanted mission Millennial.


  • Fixed a crash that could occur during the objective “Defend the Castle from Phoenix” in the mission “Unto the Breach”.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen while opening the full screen map after an extended gameplay session.
  • Fixed a crash when driving to the start point in the mission Unto the Breach.
  •  Fixed cases of infinite loading screens that could occur within missions, side hustles, and criminal venture activities.


  • Fixed an issue with the police spawning outside the mission area in Drawing Heat. The heat will indeed be drawn now.
  • Adjusted the spawn point where enemies appear on the overpass instead of where you are during the objective “Take Out the Cops” in the mission “Drawing Heat”.
  •  Fixed a partial loss of functionality when pressing the Back button multiple times in the style customization menu.
  •  Fixed instances of unresponsive controls that could occur with player navigation and melee. 
  •  Fixed instances of NPCs not spawning correctly during some missions.
  •  Addressed performance issues that could occur after hours of extended gameplay.
  • Fixed an issue where some of the Marshall attackers were unable to exit vehicles during the mission “Take Me to Church”. 
  • Adjusted the APC health total in “First F@cking Day” to be more forgiving.
  •  Fixed NPC vehicles incorrectly despawning  during the objective “Defend Hank & Claude” in the mission “Donut Run”. 
  •  Fixed partial loss of functionality with community sharing when applying a boss and backing out of the apply menu at the same time.
  •   Fixed partial loss of functionality when jumping at or trying to climb unclimbable walls.
  •  Fixed the Playlist App not working when unlocked in the first session of gameplay.
  •  Fixed camera behaviour when attempting to vehicle surf during the objective “Go to Silver Gulch” in the mission “High Noon”.
  •  Lessened the frequency of the player getting staggered by doors when exiting vehicles. Your vehicle is now a friend rather than foe.
  •  Fixed a rare case where reloading animations prevented the player from using equipped weapons.

According to Volition, more updates and fixes are planned, and news about those will be shared in the next few weeks.

If you haven’t bought the game yet, go read our review right here to see what we thought of it at launch.

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Zachary Hooper
1 year ago

I got Saints Row reboot when it came with a bunch of bugs and glitches where I had to restart the game but all on all love the story can’t wait to see a Saints Row 2 reboot.

Corey Westerlund
Reply to  Zachary Hooper
1 year ago

your kidding right? the story makes no sense? the reason they create a gang is horrible. also all there problems are solved with $5000. rent and a new toaster. these types of characters are not murderers.

Reply to  Corey Westerlund
1 year ago

R U serious, 2 of them are literally in a gang at the start, and the other 2 are definitely the types of people to go searching for personal glory, y’know like it says in the game.

Reply to  Corey Westerlund
1 year ago

lol maybe just don’t play the game? I can make 3 million in other games in 20 minutes. legit stfu.

Reply to  Corey Westerlund
1 year ago

You clearly havent played the game long enough to know why they start a criminal enterprise ,quite litterally everyone fucks them over so they start there own gang/business thats perfectly reasonable if you ask me considering 2 of the 4 members were in gangs and 1 of them was a contract killer and the other was nerdy business major clearly, but the one of the people in a gang get forced to either shoot there friends or die 1 of them was already dying 1 got fired and the other one got her car destroyed but idk seems like a perfectly good reason to start your own criminal enterprise

Shane Pearce
Reply to  Zachary Hooper
1 year ago

To be honest I highly doubt seeing a 2.0 as they are seriously in the Sh1t financially due to this dire mess.

Shane Pearce
Reply to  Zachary Hooper
1 year ago

Sadly I doubt it will happen as the company responsible are financially in trouble now and this weeks sales dropped by 80% in the UK.

Shame, yet to buy this, but loved the series previously

Corey Westerlund
1 year ago

can you guys fix the story? why they create there own gang. typical millennial behavior to think having to pay rent and needing a new toaster are real problems. everything is not believable when $5000 could solve all there problems. oh yeah there is $5000 in the dumpster behind their place. hmmm plot falls apart right there. These characters should follow there dreams not ruin them.

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