SEGA to Sell and Leave Arcade Business by End of 2020

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Gamers who grew up knowing about SEGA and its arcade history may feel sad with the latest news to arrive, as a new report by Yahoo! Japan has stated that SEGA-Sammy intends to sell all their arcade operations and leave the arcade business by the end of 2020.

Much like all business affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic affecting the entire globe, it comes as no surprise the SEGA may be consolidating their operations and calling it a day with arcades despite the firm roots and history the company has had with making games for the coin-up and card based machines. The business requires foot traffic and people to play the games in stores to maintain — which is not possible in the current climate we are all living in. Recently, the iconic SEGA Akihabara Building 2 standing in the midst of the popular Tokyo area shuttered its doors this past August 30 after 17 years of operations as reported by Mashable, signifying the end of an era, the loss of jobs, and a sad time for gamers and fans who visited the tourist attraction in Japan.

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