Sifu: Creating an Authentic Kung Fu Action Game Set in a Fictional Chinese Setting “Made the Most Sense” to Sloclap


While Sloclap’s Absolver was a combat-focused title, the studio’s follow up game — Sifu — heavily leans on the game’s Easter/Chinese heritage not only in the story, but also in the combat, as it focuses on different styles of Kung-Fu.

MP1st asked Sloclap, which is a Parisian indie game studo composed of former Ubisoft Paris devs, why they focused on the Easter side of the globe when it comes to the game’s setting, combat and so on. Here’s what Executive Producer Pierre Tarno had to say:

MP1st: What made Sloclap decide to focus on the Eastern-side of the world? I mean, in terms of setting, combat and the like, it’s clearly inspired by Hong Kong, and other Asian countries’ form of combat.

Tarno: We set out to make an authentic Kung Fu action game and setting it in a fictional Chinese city made the most sense to us. A lot of the original members of Sloclap have or still practice martial arts and take it very seriously. That’s why we enlisted Benjamin Colussi, a master himself, to join the team and consult with us to make sure every detail in our combat and things like the Wuguan were authentic in details.

As someone who’s Chinese, and who grew up in Chinese customs, I’m quite interested to see how faithful Sloclap is with the culture and martial arts. In the same interview, Sloclap that Sifu has “hidden secrets” that will require players multiple runs to fully understand.

Sifu will be launching on the PS4, PS5, and PC February 8, 2022. Stay tuned to our full chat with Sloclap where we dive into martial arts and gaming very soon.

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