SMITE Update 11.28 Released for Fixes

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While Hi-Rez might have just released the massive SMITE Season 7 patch a few days ago, the studio has rolled out SMITE update today (SMITE update 11.28) on all platforms! Console gamers will see this as SMITE update 1.28, and as one might expect from an update released this quickly after a recent one has just been rolled out, it’s just for fixes.

The SMITE update 11.28 patch is live now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and has been rolled out to fix issues with players not being able to reconnect to matches.

Gods & Goddesses! We’ve released a client patch for PC, Xbox, & PS4 to address issues with players being unable to reconnect to matches. Be sure to check out our top issues Trello board for status updates on other known issues in the #Season7 Update.

As for on-going issues, you can check out the official SMITE Trello board to see the stuff Hi-Rez is working on.

If we spot any changes related to gameplay and other stuff, we’ll update the post. If you find any, leave a comment below to let the other SMITE players know about it. Let’s hope reconnection issues are finally sorted after this patch.