SMITE Update 11.41 May 19 Patch Adds the Final Boss Update (7.5)

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SMITE gods and godesses, Hi-Rez Studios has released the SMITE update 11.41 May 19 patch and it adds the Final Boss update content along with fixes, balance changes and more. Hi-Rez calls this the SMITE 7.5 update, though console gamers will see this as SMITE update 11.41! Read on for the full notes below.

SMITE update 11.41 May 19 patch notes:

May 19

  • Final Boss Update goes live
  • Final Boss Battle Pass
  • Grim Omens Chapter 3
  • Galaxy Hero Chest
  • Console Keyboard and Mouse – Fixed an issue where the Reset button in the keybinds menu was only undoing the last keybind changed
  • Fixed issue when searching for a player in the ‘add member to party’ window, the search prompt will often lose focus.
  • Fixed an issue where 5 day and 30 day account boosters would display as 1 day boosters
  • [Spectator] Fixed Yemoja Bubble continuing to slide after ability finishes
  • [Spectator] Fixed Yemoja ability 1 rendering as 1 circle rather than 3
  • [Spectator] Fixed bottom panel appearing at top-left of HUD after pressing F1-F4
  • Fixed a bug where when attacking a tower, the active Back Door Protections sound would play for teammates all across the map.
  • Teleport Relic
    • Fixed an issue where the Teleport relic could be interrupted by the user by upgrading the relic during the channel. This Relic will now continue to teleport the user and then go on cooldown if upgraded while channeling.
  • Fire Giant
    • Fixed an issue where the Fire Giant’s attack: Ragnarok’s Fury could be avoided even though these attacks are designed to always hit.
  • Baba Yaga
    • General
      • Fixed an issue where the wrong god icon would be displayed in notifications after unlocking Baba Yaga
      • Fixed an issue where the wrong icon would be displayed when selecting or unlocking her Voice Pack
      • Fixed an issue where Baba Yaga would T-Pose during her victory animation
    • Creeping Cabin
      • Fixed an issue where the Creeping Cabin was not properly colliding with Baba Yaga
    • Baba’s Brew
      • Addressed issues where this ability could not be fired. Bug incidence rate has been decreased but is still being investigated.
    • Blast Off!
      • Increased Audio Cue Volume
    • Home Sweet Home
      • Addressed issues where this ability could not be fired. Bug incidence rate has been decreased but is still being investigated.
  • Chernobog
    • Living Nightmare
      • Fixed an issue where his shadow clones could path into or spawn inside phoenixes, making them invalid targets for Chernobog to land at
  • He Bo
    • The Sydney Shredder and He Bro skins have been re-enabled. Fixed an issue where some of their abilities had no hit box.
  • Bastet
    • Bastet’s ultimate will now apply the full damage from items when hitting enemies with her 1st and 2nd ability
    • It should be noted that her 3rd ability deals all damage through pets, and is intended to not trigger item effects, as pets do not inherit the god’s items passives. No change was made recently to this rule.
  • Mulan
    • Fixed an issue where Mulan could get stuck in a state where she continually basic attacks with no player inputs, commonly occurring after using her Ultimate ability.
  • Janus
    • Portal
      • Fixed an issue where players could land in unintended places when falling out of Janus portals if they had certain knockbacks or immunity effects applied to them
  • Persephone
    • Pomegranate Seeds
      • Fixed an issue where she could be targeted in her passive death state
    • Harvest
      • Fixed an issue where plant AoE damage reduction on subsequent hits was not working as intended
  • Fafnir
    • Underhanded Tactics
      • Fixed the issue where this ability doesn’t deal damage sometimes
A new split of Ranked has arrived! The philosophy behind Ranked for Season 7 has been working well. Ranked is more popular than ever and has shown some of our strongest Matchmaking metrics as well. Preserving Matchmaking Rating has gone a long way in giving players long term goals to work towards and allowing our Matchmaker to use much stronger data in matching. We have seen a large amount of players returning to Ranked which has created variance around gold, but we expect that to level out over time. We are keeping a close eye on this to ensure that is the case.
At the top end of players we have seen some areas where this system has broken down. Without consistent MMR resets players can stagnate at the top while others have a longer period of time to work towards the highest accomplishments (thus making them less prestigious as more have had the time to obtain them).
We had previously tuned how difficult it was to reach Masters based on shorter splits. While previously about 2% of players obtained Masters, this favored players who could play enough games in this short window AND were good enough. Less resets means more of the players who were good enough have also had the time to get there. We are updating the MMR required for Masters to better reflect this change, ensuring only 2% of players can obtain this rank. Masters MMR players will also be softly reset with this update. Players above 2525 MMR will see their MMR pulled towards that 2525. Higher MMR players will still be higher after the soft reset, but they will be somewhere between 2525 and their current MMR.
The amount of soft reset is much lighter than it has been in previous splits and only affects the top 2% of players which should preserve matchmaking quality for nearly all other Ranked players. It will also preserve the order of the top players which will keep it stable.
To further help ensure the top end of players have room to compete we are increasing the MMR cap. The amount of players currently hitting the ‘cap’ is what we would expect, but we want to ensure there is room for players at the absolute top end to distinguish themselves. The new cap of 3500 should be exceedingly difficult for even a single player to obtain.
Finally, our stronger matchmaking metrics make us feel comfortable moving up the duo queue MMR ranges, as the Matchmaker should have more flexibility around parties. This allows more friends to play together without a noticeable drop in match quality.
  • Increased the MMR cap from 3250 to 3500.
  • Updated the MMR values associated with each tier and division to better represent the distribution of players.
    • Gold I – V is now better centered around the average MMR value at 1500 MMR
      • We previously placed top heavy, placing more players in Gold 2 and 1 than in Gold 4 and 5.
    • Masters better lines up with having only 2% of players above it at 2525 MMR
      • Was previously allowing 4-5% of players.
  • Players above 2525 MMR will undergo a soft reset of their MMR to ensure the competition for Grandmasters and Rank 1 are competitive each split.
    • Players below 2525 MMR will not undergo any MMR reset.
  • Players below 37% Variance will be reset to 37% Variance.
  • God Leaderboards will not be reset this split, but will be reset next split for Mid Season.
  • Increased the Duo Queue MMR range for players below Diamond from 300 to 500.
  • Increased the Duo Queue MMR range for players Diamond and above from 100 to 250.
Two hybrid items are being nerfed this update, and ones that are often used against each other. These items tend to slow the game down by reducing lethality on both sides, and heavily punishing the player that skips over buying these items. These changes should facilitate more diverse item builds in solo lane in magical vs physical matchups, as well as increase some chances for solo kills.

  • Increased cost from 2100 to 2150
  • Decreased Physical Protection from 60 to 50

  • Decreased Magical Power reduction from 50 to 40
  • Decreased HP from 200 to 150
A common frustration from Artemis players is the responsiveness of her Ultimate pet: Tusky. This boar can feel clunky and often fails to hit in situations where players would expect him to. To fix this we are tightening up his AI to make sure he finds targets more quickly and charges at them more quickly after firing. We are also planning some additional visual FX adjustments to make sure his functionality is more clearly understood on the battleground.

  • Decreased warmup time from 1s to 0.7s.
  • Increased delay between charges from 0.5s to 0.6s.
  • The additional responsiveness from the changes below make this feel similar to its current timing.
  • Added additional effects when spawning to see where Tusky is.
  • Added a warmup targeter for the initial charge so allies and enemies can see its range and timing.
  • Tusky has undergone AI improvements.
    • Fixed an issue where Tusky would not charge targets at max range.
    • Fixed an issue where Tusky would ignore targets who were selected in the frontal cone.
    • Fixed an issue where Tusky would freeze between charges for a significant amount of time.
    • Tusky now better understands when people enter and leave line of sight.
The seasons have changed quite a few times since Cernunnos has been buffed. This god has maintained strong player perception while his win rate has fallen over the years. We are adding an interesting new feature to his Shifter of Seasons ability, where now Autumn stance will be able to debuff enemies magical protections as well as physical. This lets Cernunnos be even more of a team player without directly buffing his damage, and makes this stance more attractive to use.

  • Autumn now reduces Magical Protections in Additional to Physical
This elegant goddess brings a unique play style to SMITE, and a unique role flexibility. Chang’e has alternated back and forth over the years between damage and frontline builds. As her stats have dropped a bit, we are looking to bring her back with a damage buff through power scaling, to make sure those aggressive Chang’e players out there can impact a fight.

  • Increased Magical Power Scaling from 50% to 60%
Mulan’s performance has evened out quite nicely for a new god. Players do not seem to think she’s overpowered, and her stats are on the low end but not alarmingly low. We are looking to specifically address player feedback on parts of her kit that feel underwhelming. Previously this was her Ultimate, and now it’s the reward for skilling up her Ability 1. The attack speed boost was hardly noticeable so it’s being increased.

  • Mastery Bonus Increased from 5% to 10% Attack Speed
The Goddess of victory is staying true to her name, and doing quite well in the metrics since her rework. However, many players have stated that her vulnerability to knockups feels inconsistent and frustrating in certain matchups. Nike seems to be continuing her niche as “low popularity but high win rate” and we hope this change makes her a more attractive pick in some matchups.

  • Nike is now is knockback immune while channeling
Rama doesn’t have a passive. This is what the SMITE team has been told for years. Instead of reworking his current passive entirely, we looked at Rama’s kit as a whole and found a few problems to solve. First we decided to double down on the current passive, and make it more impactful and more closely related to the rest of his kit. This design direction allowed for the most improvements without changing the core flow of his kit. We applied some balance adjustments and quality of life adjustments after that to make Rama really feel smooth.

  • This ability now includes
    • Every Astral Strike Arrow Rama lands has a percent chance that an Astral Arrow pickup will appear on the ground. Drop chance = 30% + (1*level)
  • Additionally, picking up an arrow heals 10 mana

  • Removed Drop chance for Arrow Pickup from this ability
  • Added
    • While this buff is active, every 3rd successful hit on an enemy god will immediately generate an Astral Arrow

  • You can cancel this ability after rolling
  • Increased Physical Power Scaling of 25% to the arrow shot bonus damage

  • Every time Rama generates or picks up an Astral Arrow, the cooldown of this ability is reduced by 0.2s (includes passive regen + picked up deployables + generated arrows during stim)
The Demon King has fallen out of favor a while but he is ready to pack a punch. We feel that Ravana is right on the border of a breakthrough, so he is getting a small increase to his primary jungle clear to ensure he can keep up with the meta.

  • Increased Base Damage from 80/135/190/245/300 to 90/145/200/255/310
YMIR IS HERE. Ymir need buff, not do so well lately. Ice wall can help team but also hurt team, so I DESTROY now. Ymir ult not fair sometimes, I try hard deal damage but still die, so now I deal damage EVERY TIME! Thanks for play Ymir. Bye Bye.

  • Ymir can now re-fire this ability to destroy the wall early, he can re-fire this while under the effects of CC or while dead.
  • This ability now goes on cooldown only after the wall dies
  • Decreased cooldown from 14s to 12/11/10/9/8s

  • If Ymir dies while channeling this he will still deal damage for his current amount charged
Zeus has broken free from the underworld and is back in action! However, he continues to struggle in conquest specifically, while performing very well in all other modes. Zeus is getting a small buff to help his early lane clear without boosting his teamfight damage, which should help him get back in the conquest meta.

  • Increased Static Damage from 50/60/70/80/90 to 55/65/75/85/95