SMITE Update 11.50 August 11 Brings God of the Moon Content

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Hi-Rez Studios has released the SMITE update 11.50 August 11 patch and it brings the God of the Moon content! Players can expect a new hero in Tsukuyomi, new skins, and more. Head on below for the full notes.

SMITE update 11.50 August 11 patch notes:

Tsukuyomi – God of the Moon

  • Tsukuyomi wields Shingetsu in his left hand and Mangetsu in his right hand. When these weapons damage an enemy they become empowered. Empowered Shingetsu gains a 50% cleave and restores mana. Empowered Mangetsu deals bonus damage and restores health.
  • Mana Heal : 2 (+15% of your Physical Power)
  • Health Heal : 2 (+15% of your Physical Power)
  • Bonus Damage : 2 (+15% of your Physical Power)

  • Tsukuyomi calls upon Shingetsu, summoning forth a Dark Moon Shuriken. The Shuriken damages enemies and stops on gods, sticking into them. If Tsukuyomi gets close to the god he retrieves the Shuriken and reduces its cooldown. After casting this ability Shingetsu’s next Basic Attack becomes ranged. This attack steals Movement Speed from the enemy hit.
  • Shuriken Damage : 85/135/185/235/285 (+90% of your Physical Power)
  • Cooldown Reduction : 40%
  • Movement Speed Steal : 25%
  • Cost : 50/60/70/80/90
  • Cooldown : 10s

  • Shingetsu and Mangetsu form themselves into a Kusarigama. Tsukuyomi swings the weapon to his left and right, damaging and disarming enemies hit. He then swings the weapon forward with more force stunning enemies hit. While channeling Tsukuyomi gains 33% Movement Speed and is immune to Knockback effects.
  • Swing Damage : 35/60/85/110/135 (+50% of your Physical Power)
  • Disarm Duration : 1.5/1.75/2/2.25/2.5s
  • Final Damage : 70/125/180/235/290 (+80% of your Physical Power)
  • Stun Duration : 1/1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4s
  • Cost : 70/75/80/85/90
  • Cooldown : 14s

  • Tsukuyomi holds Mangetsu aloft as it erupts into starlight, sending stars falling to the ground. As they land they become Caltrops, damaging enemies in the area and slowing them for 2.5s. Enemies who move inside this Caltrop field take damage and are slowed again. After casting this ability Mangetsu’s next Basic Attack becomes ranged. This attack deals bonus True Damage.
  • Damage : 20/37.5/55/72.5/90 (+25% of your Physical Power)
  • Slow : 15/17.5/20/22.5/25%
  • True Damage : 5 (+40% of your Physical power)
  • Cost : 40/45/50/55/60 Mana
  • Cooldown : 14s

  • Tsukuyomi channels the power of the Full Moon, gaining Crowd Control immunity and 50% Damage Reduction. He fires forward 4 powerful piercing beams of moonlight. Enemies hit, take damage and become marked. Each beam can hit up to 3 enemy gods. After firing all beams Tsukuyomi charges forward at light speed, dashing through all enemies in the order they were hit, dealing heavy damage. Tsukuyomi will end his dashing at the final enemy hit.
  • Beam Damage : 30/50/70/90/110 (+20% of your Physical Power)
  • Dash Damage : 85/110/145/180/215 (+55% of your Physical Power)
  • Cost : 80/90/100/110/120 Mana
  • Cooldown : 90s


  • Voice Packs will now be unlocked by default in Jungle Practice
  • Added a new Icon for Enhanced Fire Giant buff

Match Lobby

  • Skin selection before locking in a god should now change to the highlighted skin – preventing a situation where some players loaded into game with a different skin than expected (especially when purchasing new skins).

Jungle Fog

  • Fog functionality
    • The atmospheric fog in SMITE will not be allowed to be edited via player .ini settings.
    • All fog related settings will be removed from the .ini to enforce this
    • This fog is an artistic detail, not to be confused with fog of war. Fog of war causes gods to become invisible at certain ranges, and has never been editable by players.
    • Atmospheric fog exists purely for thematic and aesthetic reasons. All of the maps in SMITE are designed with the assumption fog will be there, and many unintended things can be seen if fog is disabled.
  • To clarify the rules and SMITE ToS on this topic.
    • Editing game files for SMITE directly is against ToS, the only exception is the .ini.
    • Editing the .ini has been against the rules for competitive play for some time, this was a separate ruling made by the SMITE esports team independent from the SMITE dev team.
    • The SMITE dev team recommends that players do not edit their .ini as it might have unexpected results, leading to crashes or other issues
    • However, the SMITE dev will not seek to punish or ban players who edit the .ini. You can be banned for editing other game files.
  • Future of Fog
    • Fog was a heavily requested feature when designing the 5.1 conquest map.
    • It had existed in earlier iterations of SMITE, but was removed in the Season 2/3/4 Map, which players seemed to be upset about.
    • The dev team believes that the fog in SMITE looks great in its current state, but we will take the feedback seriously for those who want it changed.
    • As we approach Season 8’s new Conquest map, we will be reconsidering fog appearance and player options related to fog from the ground up.

Ratatoskr Tail Glow

  • In addition to Ratatoskr’s new Acorns, his tail will now glow and will change colors to match the T3 acorn he has purchased
    • Evergreen Acorn – Green Glow
    • Thickbark Acorn – White Glow
    • Bristlebush Acorn – Red Glow
    • Thistlethorn Acorn – Yellow Glow
  • The following skins have had this effect added
    • Kitsune
    • Zenko
    • Kage
    • Final Fusion
    • Curious Critter
    • All other skins already had this feature, and have had it returned to them
  • No glow will be displayed:
    • When no Acorn or a T1 Acorn is owned in game
  • The default blue, or skin specific default glow will be displayed:
    • When in Client or Lobby
    • Owning a T2 acorn in game
  • The specific color coded glow will be displayed:
    • Owning a T3 Acorn in game
  • The floating Acorn with him in game will remain along with the tail glow
  • Floating Acorns have had some FX updates to better match their intended tail colors
  • UI Icons of T3 Acorns have been updated to better match their intended tail colors


  • Fixed an issue where PC players using gamepad mode would have difficulty accessing the item shop
  • Fixed an issue where PC players chat window would lose focus while typing
  • Fixed an issue where hovering/highlighting T1 and T2 items in the store would show the entire tree.
  • Fixed an issue where Game Tips were being truncated for some languages.
  • Chests
    • Fixed an issue where some chests had incorrect text and could not be acquired – this was fixed in a previous hotfix
    • any players who experienced the issue should have had their chests gifted back to them at that time
    • This applied to:
      • Level Up Rewards
      • Commendation Rewards
      • Ranked Split Rewards

General Gameplay

  • Quests
    • Fixed an issue where new players would not earn progress toward quests
  • Fixed an exploit allowing players to abuse Early Surrender forgiveness.
    • Moving forward
      • Any member of the team who is disconnected for more than 90s (down from 3m) before 10m will trigger Early Surrender.
      • If a team surrenders before 10m, all players who disconnected for at least 90s will receive increased MMR/TP loss.
      • If players on both teams have triggered early surrender, it’s likely the game isn’t in a good state, and the match results (win, loss, surrender) will be discarded so players on both teams can get to a healthy match faster.
      • Players DC’d when this happens may still receive deserter status, however.


  • Wind Demon
    • Fixed an issue where this Item did not appear when filtering by “Penetration”
  • Cursed Ankh
    • Fixed an issue where this item was not dealing the intended amount of damage to enemy shield health
  • Polynomicon
    • Fixed an issue where the item passive buff bar icon had no visible duration
  • Hydra’s Lament
    • Fixed an issue where the item passive buff bar icon had no visible duration


  • Jormungandr
    • Fixed an issue where you could use his Ultimate and the Aegis Relic at the same time, resulting in some unintended behaviors.
  • Ratatoskr
    • Fixed an issue where Flurry was not affected by cooldown reduction
    • Fixed an issue where his Acorn used in lobby animations would be much smaller than intended
    • Fixed an issue where his Passive text was still showing his old Passive
  • Merlin
    • Eclipse
      • Enemies hit by Eclipse will no longer take damage over time when leaving the area via untargetable states
  • Hera
    • Fixed an issue where this god could crash games
    • Now can be played
  • Artio
    • Fixed an issue where this god could crash games
    • Now can be played
  • Camazotz
    • Fixed an issue where Blue Buff’s Spirit Satyrs were granting Camazotz stacks of Vampirism
  • Chang’e
    • Fixed an issue where Chang’e would be warned to buy a 2nd relic throughout the entire map
  • Ra
    • Fixed an issue where his passive buff bar icon had no visible duration
  • The Morrigan
    • Fixed an issue where certain audio cues were not playing on her default skin.
    • Added a unique explode sound to her 3rd basic attack for her default and all skins.
  • Chronos
    • Fixed an issue where his recolor skin looked like his base skin
  • Susano
    • Fixed an issue where his Zuko skin did not receive the updated voice line “That’s rough, buddy” intended to be use for: “That’s too bad”
  • Avatar Aang and Avatar Korra
    • Updated their voice packs to use the multi-voice sound that they use in the show when in these forms. The lines have not been changed


  • Fixed an issue where the Targeting Bracket didn’t appear on Totem of Ku
  • Fixed an issue where Fire Giant ignored initial hits of damage taken

Game Modes

  • Conquest
    • All map lighting has been updated for better performance and artistic presentation
    • Gold Fury, Oni Fury, Primal Fury
      • Will now immediately restart channelling on a new target if they become leashed. They must successfully complete a channel before the ability goes on cooldown and they resume basic attacking
    • Pyromancer
      • Infernal Ritual
        • Now inflicts a large amount of damage on the AoE hit
      • Centaurs (Speed Buff Camp)
        • Spear Thrust
          • Increased Base Damage from 45 to 55
          • Increased Damage scaling from 12 to 18
  • Duel
    • Duel matches will no longer award “First Blood” gold bonuses to players who are first to kill the enemy god
    • The 50% penalty on MMR and TP gains after a victory via a surrender has been removed in Duel only


Recently, We have seen a lot of discussion around the Masks. These items provided opportunities for class shifting but were nerfed when their goal was realized. The masks ended up creating some unique balance problems that we have since adjusted on gods’ base kits. We want to bring power back to these masks where it makes sense, increasing their perks or decreasing their negatives to encourage exploration with these items.
The only exception is Bumba’s Mask. Movement Speed is a dangerous stat to have too much of, and players tend to perceive this item as frustratingly strong or totally useless. What this means is that by the time it is considered good, it is likely breaking things at a fundamental level. Rangda’s Mask and Lono’s Mask have room to be good without causing this problem. We are removing Bumba’s Mask for now, but we hope to return it to the game with a new and more unique design within a few updates.


  • Decreased Damage Taken Increase from 25% to 20%

  • Increased Protections from 35 to 40
  • Increased Health from 200 to 250

  • These items have been removed from the game

Stone of Binding is an interesting cheap item for Supports, looking to be more aggressive with their setup. A boost of MP5 encourages more ability usage and makes it a more enticing choice for ability heavy supports.
  • Now provides +10 MP5

Tankiness is something we are watching closely. From our own internal metrics to player feedback we want to ensure that building defense feels meaningful. The soft adjustments to items like Spear of the Magus, Heartseeker, and Soul Reaver should help tanks feel better, we want to ensure existing Tank options feel impactful. Reinforced Shoes and Greaves are rarely used and are a perfect place to bring some additional strength to tank roles.”
  • Increased Health from 100 to 150

  • Increased Health from 100 to 150
Achilles was heavily nerfed a short while ago, and the Mid Season meta adjustments only served to hurt his metrics even more. He now seems to struggle in most Solo Lane matchups. We are boosting Shield of Achilles’ base damage to help him better clear and poke in the laning phase.

  • Increased Base Damage from 80/135/190/245/300 to 100/155/210/265/320
Athena tends to be a solid option in competitive play but more on the fringe everywhere else. Her Ultimate, Defender of Olympus highlights skilled Athena players, and we want to better reward Athena players who really know when to help their teammates caught in a bad situation.

  • Increased Damage Mitigation given to the targeted ally from 20% to 30%
Awilix has moments to shine but even in strong matchups she struggles, and Mid Season seems to have taken a toll on her power. Awilix is getting some help in both managing her playstyle (with a reduced mana cost burden) and in direct power (Feather Step Base Damage). Additionally Suku has learned to strafe more effectively making it easier to position during combat.

  • Increased Base Mana from 220 to 240
  • Increased MP5 per level from 0.27 to 0.46

  • Increased Base Damage from 40/75/110/145/180 to 50/85/120/155/190

  • Decreased Mana Cost from 50/55/60/65/70 to 30/35/40/45/50
  • Increased strafe speed on Suku by changing Hard Cap on movement speed from 225 to 275
    • Updated ability description to show this is a speed cap not percent reduction of speed.
  • Fixed an issue where this ability would go on cooldown if interrupted
    • (This was fixed in 7.4 but was not listed properly.)
This big boy is a perpetual meta pick in Non-Conquest game modes, with his ability to mitigate and dish out serious damage. He still is struggling in Conquest, though, even with his changes to Chug last year. We are increasing his Belch base damage back to a previous value to help him better compete vs other Duo Laners.

  • Increased Base Damage from 20/35/50/65/80 to 25/40/55/70/85 per tick
Similar to Isis, her rework released strong but with multiple nerfs she is now struggling to make an impact. Pounce’s scaling gives Bastet the extra kick she needs late game and should help her succeed in her Assassin role.

  • Increased Physical Power scaling from 90% to 100%
Cabrakan has not seen much play for a long time. While we meme him as Fat Loki, he struggles as a Guardian and even when going damage it’s difficult to really lock down opponents. Seismic Crush will now be a consistent 1s stun, giving support Cabrakan a consistent moment to play off of and lessening the diminishing returns inherent in his abilities. Tremor will also no longer cause minions to spiral around, making it easier for Cabrakan to group minions for himself or his teammates for clear.

  • The stun from this ability no longer suffers from Diminishing Returns

  • No longer tremors minions, instead pulling them more directly to Cabrakan.
Everyone’s favorite voice pack can be a solid god pick, but never quite a top pick. Mid Season 7 is no different for Chaac. Rain Dance brings unique area control, attack speed debuffs, and self sustain, but its cooldown made it very restrictive. A lower cooldown opens up additional options.

  • Decreased Cooldown from 18s to 16s
Cu Chulainn is another god that was able to leverage Gladiator’s Shield really well. With multiple abilities to trigger it, he gained bonus sustain during teamfights. We are lowering the cooldown on his primary poke to give him more options during extended fights.

  • Decreased Cooldown from 16/15/14/13/12 to 15/14/13/12/11s
Isis had a strong few patches during her visual rework, but with repeated nerfs she has fallen out of favor. The Spirit Ball change was likely a nerf too far, so reverting this should place her in a healthy spot.

  • Decreased cooldown from 12s to 10s
Warrior’s have seen many adjustments in recent patches, with many changes to their itemization. We are bringing up some Warriors that we have seen struggle more directly with these changes. We expect that over time many different strategies will be figured out and will be responsive to these shifts.
Osiris heavily relied on low cooldown spam with Gladiator’s Shield to sustain himself. While he still bullies the early game we wanted to give him better utility during teamfights. Judgement Tether will now provide some additional damage reduction to enemies tethered.

  • Increased Damage Reduction from 10/15/20/25/30% to 15/20/25/30/35%

There’s also a bonus update coming on August 25. Once that’s out, we’ll be sure to let our SMITE readers aware.

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