SMITE Update 11.65 January 26 Ushers in Season 8

SMITE Update 11.65 January 26

Hi-Rez Studios has deployed the SMITE update 11.65 January 26 patch that brings the Season 8 content and gameplay changes into the fold! There are a ton of new skins, a new Battle Pass, new event, and loads more!

Head on below for the file sizes for each platfrm, as well as the full SMITE Season 8 patch notes!

SMITE Update 11.65 January 26 Patch Notes (Season 8):

File sizes (estimated):

PC: ~13 GB
Xbox: ~28 GB
PS4: ~38 GB
Switch: ~10 GB

Get all the Season 8 Gods and incredible content for each, all-year long, with the SMITE Season Pass 2021. Plus: You’ll immediately unlock the Limited Grand Magus Anubis skin, Grand Magus Loading Screen, and 1000 Gems!
  • Season Pass 2021 – $39.99 USD, Includes the following items:
    • 1000 Gems
    • Grand Magus Anubis Skin – Limited
    • Grand Magus Loading Screen – Limited
    • Tyrant Title
    • Provides the following for each new god in 2021 as they are released:
      • Unlocks gods for gameplay if you do not already own the Ultimate God Pack
      • Base recolor
      • New Limited recolor
      • Voice pack
      • Wave and Clap Emotes
January 26
  • Most Wanted Battle Pass
  • Season Pass 2021
  • Dawn of Babylon Event
  • Valentine Chest
  • Season 7 & 8 Ranked Rewards
  • Season 7 Commendation Reward
  • Gifting
    • Fixed an issue where the menu would sometimes close when attempting to search for “Other Players” to send a gift to
  • Fixed an issue where buying a skin in lobby would appear to make that the selected skin – but loading into the match would equip the previous selected skin before the purchase
General Gameplay
  • Implemented a Hotfix (Live Already) – that attempts to fix the issues where certain gods would appear to be stuck in certain animation states – for example: Serqet would appear to be repeatedly leaping. These gods were not actually firing these abilities repeatedly, it just looked like they were. This issue should be fixed already or greatly reduced in its chance of occurring.
  • Fixed an issue where almost any god/skin had a chance for its voice pack to become silent for a single match
  • Fixed an issue where it appeared to players who purchased a skin in the god lobby as though the skin was selected, until the loading screen where it would be reverted to their previously selected skin.
  • Clash Map
    • Removed an unintended fog volume that was visible in the jungle areas of this mode
  • Danzaburou
    • Fixed an issue where his Ability 02 – Alluring Spirits – could be canceled mid-fire without being put on cooldown
    • Fixed an issue where level-up effects would play on Danzaburou when he is in leaf form – these will no longer play on him at that time
    • Fixed an issue where the buff icons from his passive would sometimes not appear as intended
    • Fixed an issue where his ult could be interrupted while CC immune and already firing
  • Hel
    • Fixed an issue where Hel had unintended reduced healing while in her dark stance
    • Fixed an issue where Decay hit FX were playing in incorrect ways on enemy gods/minions hit by the effect
  • Set
    • Fixed an issue where Set’s sand clones would sometimes deal no damage when passing through enemies.
  • Ymir
    • Fixed an issue where it was possible to stack 2 copies of Frostbite in some scenarios.
  • Awilix
    • Fixed an issue where if Awilix was interrupted during the casting time on Suku’s Leap – she would be removed from Suku.If she did not leap, she should get another chance to leap. If she is interrupted while leaping – this ability will go on cooldown.
  • Aphrodite
    • Fixed an issue where Love Birds would sometimes not hit enemies clearly in the hit area
  • Hera
    • Fixed a typo in her achievement text
  • The Morrigan
    • Fixed an issue where her victory/defeat animations could get out of sync
  • Poseidon
    • Fixed an issue where Tidal Surge’s collision was different on the Dreadbead skin.
  • Nu Wa
    • Fixed an issue where the Caustic Skies Skin would T-pose in the game client and lobby
  • Vulcan
    • Fixed an issue where the Space Cadet Skin could become stuck in a specific animations
  • Nemesis
    • Fixed visual issues on the targeters for the Primal Vengeance and World Tour skins
  • Zeus
    • Fixed an issue where the Eternal Tormenter skin would sometimes not display the orange runic circle visual element of the skin
  • Xing Tian
    • Fixed an issue on the Gecko Gladiator skin where the Gecko heads could get into unintended positions
  • Ares
    • Fixed an issue where the Oni skin was using the ability 1 chains sound on death – it will now play a different chains sound on death
  • T5 Skins
    • Fixed an issue where these skins would have silent VGS when using “god” VGS instead of “skin” VGS
  • Chibi Skins
    • Fixed an issue where these skins would not display Nike’s Laurel effects properly
New Tutorial System – Role Guides
As part of this year’s commitment to Conquest, we are expanding the Conquest tutorial in big ways. This system is a new type of dynamic tutorial and works along with actual SMITE gameplay instead of forcing you through a step by step process. We will work throughout the year to continually update the starts and routes this system shows players.
  • Detects your role from lobby to provide a unique guided experience for each role
  • Shows you waypoints throughout the match
    • Guides you through your starting jungle camp and to your lane
    • Draws attention to respawning camps
    • Highlights jungle bosses and towers as the game progresses
  • Can be manually toggled on or off at any time
  • Works within Co-Op or PvP matches
  • Never stops or slows down the gameplay
    • Adjusts automatically if you miss spawns, get invaded, or otherwise
  • This will default to ON for players under level 15, and OFF for those 16+
    • Turn this on by pressing escape to bring up the escape menu and selecting the GUIDES option to bring up setting toggles for Role Guides. This can be done at any time.
    • Or click the GUIDES button in match lobby
  • New Escape Menu Option: Guides
    • New Escape Menu option called GUIDES which allows players to toggle the following settings at any time.
      • Auto Purchase Items
      • Auto Skill Level Up
      • Auto Filter by Class
      • Show Role Guides
      • Show Help Tips
      • Show Recommended Items for My Role
  • Help Tips Changes
In addition to the new Conquest Role Guides, we want to make our current new player features better, and draw more attention to the optional ones. Help Tips are on by default for new players, but they were outdated and far too large. They’ll be more sleek now with more relevant information. A group of other UI changes have been made to make our current new player features more discoverable.
  • Help tips pop up boxes have had their size adjusted to be less intrusive.
  • Help tips have been updated to display updated buff, camp, and objective  information.
  • Large art was removed from the help tips in order to make the tips less intrusive during gameplay.
  • Game Modes Page
    • Players will now be able to access tutorial videos for each game mode via a new button within the list of game modes.
  • Match Lobby
    • Role Trading
      • Added a new button that works like Ranked God Trading, but instead allowed players to trade role assignments
      • Players will only be able to trade with one player at a time.
      • The player receiving a trade request must accept the role trade request.
      • There is a 10 second cooldown before the player can receive another role trade request if they decline a role trade request.
    • God selection screen now displays the recommended role for each god
    • Added a new button to the match lobby: Guides – displays the following match settings:
      • Auto Skill Level up toggle
      • Auto Purchase Items
      • Auto Filter by Class
      • Show Role Guides (Conquest Only)
      • Show Help Tips (all modes)
    • Recommended Item Updates
      • Builds will be recommended by Role in Conquest, with separate recommendations for Arena and other non-Conquest modes.
      • If a build is available, players will automatically be shown a build for the role they selected in the match lobby, but will have an option to select a different role in-game.
      • Recommended items will once again show items that are popular among high-elo players, instead of being based on team composition.
      • Players will be able to freely disable / re-enable auto-purchase in the match, even after purchasing an item outside the recommended list.
  • All of these changes apply to all Ranked Modes – and only Ranked Modes
  • All Players Ranked MMR will be Hard Reset 8.1
  • MMR system
    • Removal of Variance System
      • Players will experience a more consistent MMR gain and loss from the first game they play to their 100th. MMR gain and loss can still change based on how even both teams appear to the Matchmaker.
    • Maximum MMR Adjustment
      • Players can no longer gain or lose more than 100 MMR in a single match.
  • Split System
    • TP/MMR resets will only apply to players above diamond who become inactive for 2 weeks
    • Ranked Quests and Rewards will continue to reset every 2 updates
    • Ranked Rewards usually given out at the of the year will be available to be unlocked immediately in 8.1
All Modes – New Healing Rules
Healing in SMITE can be a polarizing topic. It is simultaneously true that healers in SMITE statistically perform very well across all levels of play but in individual matches healers can feel helpless fighting against Anti-heal. There are also players who feel their most recent fight can become completely negated by the enemy stepping back for a short time and healing back to full. All these moments can create negative experiences for all players so we want to approach this and make it a better experience for everyone involved.
To accomplish this we are introducing a new global aura in all maps that reduces healing done by abilities and lifesteal. This aura will apply to all players who have not dealt damage or Crowd Control (or been dealt damage or Crowd Control) to an enemy god. From here on out we will refer to this type of “combat” as Brawling. The overall strength of healing “out of combat” is being brought down. Conflicts that occur will now have more meaningful outcomes.
We do think at the same time that healing while directly fighting feels more fair to fight against but has the very high variability of being shut out. We are toning down the effect and duration of all Anti-heal items. Their long length and intensity was meant to help curb “out of combat” healing directly after a fight which the aura now does.
In short with these changes we hope healing in SMITE will feel better to use as a direct combat strength while we can bring down the frustration cases on both sides that can occur when healing feels too strong. This change affects quite a lot so we are eager for everyone to get their hands on it and provide feedback on our goals and how well we have met them.
  • Global Anti-Healing Aura
    • While not “Brawling” your Ability and Lifesteal healing taken is reduced by 30%.
      • A god is considered Brawling if they have damaged or applied Crowd Control to an enemy god (or they have been damaged or Crowd Controlled by an enemy god) in the last 4s.
  • Anti-heal Item Changes
    • Divine Ruin
      • Decreased Anti-heal from 40% to 35%.
      • Decreased duration from 8s to 6s.
    • Brawler’s Beat Stick
      • Decreased Anti-heal from 40% to 35%.
      • Decreased duration from 8s to 6s.
    • Toxic Blade
      • Decreased Anti-heal per stack from 20% to 17.5%.
      • Decreased duration from 8s to 6s.
    • Pestilence
      • Decreased Aura Anti-heal from 25% to 20%.
    • Contagion
      • Decreased Aura Anti-heal from 25% to 20%.
    • Cursed Ankh
      • Decreased Anti-heal from 50% to 45%.
      • Decreased duration from 10s to 6s.
    • Cursed Ankh Upgrade
      • Decreased Anti-heal from 50% to 45%.
      • Decreased duration from 10s to 8s.
    • Shadowsteel Shuriken
      • Decreased Anti-heal from 40% to 35%.
      • Decreased duration from 8s to 6s.
        • This item has received additional balance changes, outlined in the item section.
    • Rod Of Healing
      • Increased Healing increase from 5% to 10%.
      • No longer increases by 5% when taking or dealing damage.
    • Rod Of Asclepius
      • Increased Healing increase from 10% to 20%.
      • No longer increases by 15% when taking or dealing damage.
    • Caduceus Shield
      • Increased Healing increase from 10% to 20%.
      • No longer increases by 15% when taking or dealing damage.
Jungle Camp Vision Changes
  • Gods that visit a Jungle Camp on their side of the map will now receive vision of the in-world and minimap respawn timers for that camp. This is granted even if the camp was invaded and cleared by the enemy.
  • Living Conquest Map
    • In addition to the completely new 8.1 Conquest Map, there will be 3 more distinct updates to the map throughout the Season.
    • Each Update will have a specific theme that follows the SMITE storyline and god release plan.
    • Each Update will have art and design updates to the map to compliment the theme.
    • Conquest is our most competitive game mode and we want to increase its ability to receive art and design updates to levels never seen before!
    • There will still be continual balance changes to the map every update, especially as we gather data and feedback at the start of the season.
  • An Entirely New Conquest Map
    • New layout
      • Wider map from lane to lane
      • Longer map from base to base
      • Completely reworked Jungle with more variance in its paths and geometry. Some paths are especially narrow, and others are much wider.
      • New Camps and different camp locations.
    • New art set
      • Chaos side takes the form of Tiamat’s Babylonian fortress
      • Order side is a totally rebuilt Mount Olympus
      • Order and Chaos towers have completely new models
      • Chaos Titan is a completely new character
      • Chaos Minions are completely new characters
      • New Jungle Monsters – Scorpions
      • Many of our favorite jungle monsters, as well as the Order Titan and Minions will be keeping their current Season 7 art on the new map.
    • Balance
  • New Objectives / Features
    • New NPC – Greater Scorpion (Jungle)
      • Mid-game objectives located in the Jungle
      • Two Greater Scorpions will spawn on each side of the map, in both the Gold Fury and Fire Giant pits
      • While alive, these monsters prevent the spawn of both major neutral bosses
      • After a Greater Scorpion is slain, its spawn location will move deeper into the enemy jungle, depending on which team secured the kill
      • Slaying a Greater Scorpion will enhance your buff camps on the side of the map where it was killed. These camps drop Enhanced Buffs that provide additional bonuses on top of their base effects
        • Enhanced Damage Buff
          • Additionally provides 7% Physical and Magical lifesteal
        • Enhanced Speed Buff
          • Increases CCR bonus from 10% to 20% (+10%)
        • Enhanced Mana Buff
          • Increases CDR bonus from 10% to 20% (+10%)
          • Additionally provides 10% increased Maximum Mana
        • Enhanced Void Buff
          • Increases Attack Speed bonus from 10% to 25% (+15%)
    • New NPC – Lesser Scorpion (Lane)
      • Early-game objective for Duo and Solo lanes that spawn on the outer edges of the map
        • 2 will spawn in Duo lane
        • 1 will spawn in Solo lane
      • These monsters will be “downed” when their HP bar is depleted, and will require 3 more hits to secure the kill and Gold/XP rewards
      • While in their downed state, they emit a healing aura that heals 20 HP per second for a maximum of 10 seconds
    • Base Gates
      • SMITE’s first dynamic geometry is being added to the S8 Conquest Map! These doors will act like a jungle wall when closed, and a jungle path when opened
      • Each base has two doors nestled in the walls between the phoenixes and are useful shortcuts into the Jungle
      • These doors will open when a god sets foot on a specific area inside the base
      • Doors cannot be opened from the outside, but gods, including enemies, can leap or blink over walls to open them
      • Players attempting to open enemy doors from the inside will be afflicted with Invader’s Curse and will need to stand on the trigger for longer to open the door
    • Fountain
      • While all of their phoenixes are alive, Gods will now receive Reinvigoration when exiting their fountain
        • Increases out-of-combat Movement Speed by 40%
        • Lasts 5 seconds
      • This will still be enhanced by Pyromancer kills
    • Jungle
      • All Buff camps now spawn at 00:20
      • All Mid Harpy camps now spawn at 00:35
      • Increased Mid Harpy respawn time from 90 to 120 seconds
      • Jungle Shrine has been removed
      • Invader’s Curse now encompasses all buff camps until 01:00
      • Void Camp
        • Reworked Void Sludge
        • Now stacks up to 3 times
        • Applies 5% protection reduction per stack
        • Reduced ability cooldown from 30 to 7 seconds
        • Debuff lifetime reduced from 20 to 10 seconds
        • No longer lowers your targeting priority from other minions
The first item you buy in SMITE has a large impact on how you plan to tackle that given game. Blessings, while providing a great roadmap for HOW to play the Early Game, often removed much of this flexibility you might expect in a MOBA. We want to bring back each player’s ability to alter not only their early game, but make this decision more meaningful to the mid and late game.
With that said, Starter Items are returning! These are cheap items that provide full Passives tuned to Level 1. Each role has roughly three that will serve as a solid choice for more traditional starts, but at no point are any of these Starter Items class restricted. Want to take a bruiser starter to the mid lane? Go ahead and try it out! Similar to Blessings only one Starter Item can be purchased each game and leaving the fountain will lock you into that Starter so choose carefully.
These Starters have even more to offer as the game advances. Each Starter will have 2 upgrades that become purchasable at later levels. In general most Starters will have one upgrade that simply boosts it stats and passive strength to be desirable at level 20. However the other upgrade often twists the item on its head, giving players new build opportunities and strategies. Since players can only have one Starter and these upgrades require late game levels, their strength is generally higher than your average Tier 3 choice.
For example : Bluestone Pendant is back, providing passive regeneration in addition to offensive bonus damage when hitting abilities. At level 20 this can be upgraded to Bluestone Brooch, amping up all of its stats and allowing the bonus damage to deal damage based on the enemies current health. Alternatively you can purchase Corrupted Bluestone. For every enemy you have hit recently with Corrupted Bluestone you gain 15% Attack Speed up to 75% total, turning your previous Ability focused starter into an up front Basic Attack brawlers dream. Which gods rely on early ability damage but want to transition into a Basic Attack focused build late game? Which gods might struggle to use Bluestone Pendant well but really want Corrupted Bluestone late? Starters offer these choices that impact your entire gameplan.
  • Blessings have been removed from all games modes, being replaced with starter items.
  • Starters can be purchased at level 1.
  • Each starter has 2 separate upgrades. These can be purchased for an additional 1500 gold at level 20. (Support oriented Starter Items can be upgraded at level 17).
  • Once you have left the fountain with a starter item it is the only starter item you can get that game.
  • Starter items do not have any class lock restrictions. The only restrictions are based on the Power type they provide. (Mages cannot build an item that only has Physical Power on it.)
  • The jungle focused starter items are unavailable in non-conquest modes.
Short list of all new Starter Items
We are adding a grand total of 16 Starter Items with 2 upgrades a piece! This means there will now be 48 new items to learn and play with. Given the large breadth of items we are providing two lists. A quick glance at each starter and short text describing what it does and a long form list with gold costs, stats, and specific values.
Carry Starters

Death’s Toll provides a sustain oriented and defensive start, allowing for effective early trades. Death’s Embrace continues this while Death’s Temper focuses on going on the offense.
  • Restore Health and Mana for landing Basic Attacks.
  • Can be upgraded to Death’s Embrace or Death’s Temper at level 20.
    • Death’s Embrace
      • Restore even more Health and Mana for landing Basic Attacks.
    • Death’s Temper
      • Slay enemies to gain additional Basic Attack Damage.

Gilded Arrow allows skilled last hitters to really show their stuff. What it lacks in sustain it makes up for in long term farm and immediate offense. Diamond Arrow removes the need for a target, providing near constant income while Ornate Arrow encourages you to hoard your treasure for a large offensive boost.
  • Mark a minion for a bounty every 10s. Last hit to claim the bounty.
  • Can be upgraded to Diamond Arrow or Ornate Arrow at level 20.
    • Diamond Arrow
      • Defeating anything provides the Gilded Arrow bounty.
    • Ornate Arrow
      • Gain bonus stats for all your unspent gold.

Leather Cowl provides early rotation capabilities, providing speed to get to fights and attack speed to help you win fights. Hunter’s Cowl turns this attack speed into a team wide boon while Leader’s Cowl encourages your team to group up around you.
  • While alone, gain Movement Speed. While near an ally, gain Attack Speed.
  • Can be upgraded to Hunter’s Cowl or Leader’s Cowl at level 20.
    • Hunter’s Cowl
      • While alone, gain more Movement Speed. While near an ally, provide an Attack Speed aura.
    • Leader’s Cowl
      • Provide bonus power while your team outnumbers your enemies.
Solo Starters

Warrior’s Axe may look familiar. Warrior’s Blessing encourages brawling and trading and Warrior’s Axe looks to capture that. At level 20 upgrade it to steal heavy amounts of health away or become the Hero for your team and defend them while they are CC’d.
  • Steal flat health away from your opponents after damaging them.
  • Can be upgraded to Sundering Axe or Hero’s Axe at level 20.
    • Sundering Axe
      • Steal a portion of their current health from your opponents after damaging them.
    • Hero’s Axe
      • Protect Crowd Controlled allies with a shield.

The familiar Bluestone returns! This item excels at gods who can poke and need some additional help clearing. Bluestone Brooch turns the damage over time up to 11. Corrupted Bluestone throws away the poke playstyle, encouraging you to mix it up with a large conditional attack speed stim.
  • Apply damage over time to enemies hit by your abilities.
  • Can be upgraded to Bluestone Brooch or Corrupted Bluestone at level 20.
    • Bluestone Brooch
      • Apply a % Health damage over time to enemies hit by your abilities.
    • Corrupted Bluestone
      • For every enemy hit by your damage over time, gain Attack Speed.

Really want to survive against a Magical Bruiser? Warding Sigil provides high defense when you are actively fighting your opponent. Sigil of the Old Guard turns you into a wall for your team while Infused Sigil turns you into a bomb for your team. Either way you will want to dive into a fight head first.
  • Gain flat damage reduction when hit by abilities.
  • Can be upgraded to Sigil of the Old Guard or Infused Sigil at level 20.
    • Sigil of the Old Guard
      • Gain % damage reduction when hit by abilities.
    • Infused Sigil
      • Accumulate stacks when hit by abilities. Explode for damage when enough stacks are accumulated.
Mid Starters

Vampiric Shroud is another familiar face. Need sustain for the early game? Vampiric Shroud has you covered, literally. Blood-soaked Shroud provides potentially infinite lifesteal while Sacrificial Shroud allows you to heavily burst if you are willing a large amount of health with each cast.
  • Restore health and mana when your abilities deal damage.
  • Can be upgraded to Blood-soaked Shroud and Sacrificial Shroud at level 20.
    • Blood-soaked Shroud
      • Restore more health and mana, and gain stacks of bonus Lifesteal when your abilities deal damage.
    • Sacrificial Shroud
      • Your abilities do more damage but cost health in addition to their Mana.

Sands of Time returns, allowing you to cast often and providing the mana to do so. Pendulum of Ages rewards you for staying high on Mana with a large amount of Power while The Alternate Timeline distorts space-time, providing you with an extra chance to live.
  • Gain additional MP5 as you get low on Mana.
  • Can be upgraded to Pendulum of Ages or The Alternate Timeline at level 20.
    • Pendulum of Ages
      • Gain more MP5 as you get low on Mana. Gain additional Power as you stay high on Mana.
    • The Alternate Timeline
      • When you would die, jump to an Alternate Timeline where you instead lived.

Conduit Gem is for the mages who want to fight early. The bonus damage allows for deadly bursts or simply to help clear your wave. Archmage’s Gem scaling this effect to a % of your Magical Power while Gem of Focus provides useful stats for those who opt into constantly casting.
  • Accumulate stacks that are consumed when your abilities hit, dealing bonus damage.
  • Can be upgraded to Archmage’s Gem or Gem of Focus at level 20.
    • Archmage’s Gem
      • Accumulate stacks that are consumed when your abilities hit, dealing more bonus damage.
    • Gem of Focus
      • Each time you cast an ability, gain up to 3 stacks of focus. Fail to continuously cast and lose all your focus.
Jungle Starters

The ol’ reliable of Junglers. Bumba’s Dagger will be familiar to all but the upgrades give Junglers something new to look forward to. Bumba’s Spear turns you into a monster, burning through any objectives (including structures!). Bumba’s Hammer encourages in-hand and ability weaving with a hefty in-hand stim and some ability cooldown reduction.
  • Deal bonus damage to Jungle Monsters. Restore health and mana when Jungle Monsters are defeated.
  • Can be upgraded to Bumba’s Spear or Bumba’s Hammer at level 20.
    • Bumba’s Spear
      • Deal massive damage to Jungle Monsters, Bosses, and Structures. Restore more health and mana when any of these are defeated.
    • Bumba’s Hammer
      • When you cast an ability, your next Basic Attack does bonus true damage. When you hit with this Basic Attack your ability cooldowns are reduced by 1s.

Eye of the Jungle allows you to maintain control of the jungle, giving you sight anywhere you slay a jungle monster. Seer of the Jungle takes this a step further, giving you the unique ability to sweep for wards at any time. If fighting is more your taste, Protector of the Jungle makes you a major threat while fighting on your home turf, the Jungle!
  • When you slay a large Jungle Monster, you place a 30s ward where it dies.
  • Can be upgraded to Seer of the Jungle or Protector of the Jungle at level 20.
    • Seer of the Jungle
      • When you slay a large Jungle Monster you gain the ability to see wards temporarily.
    • Protector of the Jungle
      • Gain bonus Power and Protections while in the Jungle.

If you have been around for a while few things strike fear into your heart more than Manikin Scepter. Previously only on a single PTS Manikin Scepter returns; just with more reasonable values and effects. Use the burn to melt through jungle monsters and provide and extra kick to your ganks. Manikin Mace turns up all of these effects while Manikin Hidden Blade allows the assassin to truly lurk from the shadows and wait for their time to strike for devastating effect.
  • Damaging an enemy applies a damage over time and slows their attack speed. This damage is extra effective against Jungle Monsters.
  • Can be upgraded to Manikin Mace or Manikin Hidden Blade at level 20.
    • Manikin Mace
      • Damage an enemy applies a stronger damage over time and slows their attack speed more. This damage is incredibly effective against Jungle Monsters and Bosses.
    • Manikin Hidden Blade
      • Hitting a target when you have not recently been hit by or have dealt damage provides a large burst of damage on the target.
Support Starters

Sentinel’s Gift provides everything a support would need. Health and Mana to trade effectively and gold to keep up with your team. Sentinel’s Boon keeps this up and can bring a burst of healing when it counts, sieging the enemy base. Sentinel’s Embrace gives you flexibility with your aura. Skilled Supports can position themselves to provide protection to everyone or just the individual who needs it most.
  • Getting an assist restores health and mana and provides bonus gold.
  • Can be upgraded to Sentinel’s Boon or Sentinel’s Embrace at level 17.
    • Sentinel’s Boon
      • Getting an assist restores % health and mana and provides more gold.
    • Sentinel’s Embrace
      • Provides a large amount of Protections split evenly among all nearby allies.

For supports who want to roam to provide assistance across the map, Benevolence not only rewards you even when not in lane but directly can empower you allies. Compassion will make your whole team want to be near you as you take damage for them. Animosity however is for those with a more offensive game plan in mind. Turn your health into an offensive force and tear down your opponents structures.
  • Gain passive gold and XP. A portion of your XP and gold gained from defeating enemies is lost to you. If an ally is nearby you provide it to them instead.
  • Can be upgraded to Compassion or Animosity at level 17.
    • Compassion
      • A portion of damage taken by allies is redirected to you.
    • Animosity
      • Your Basic Attacks deal extra damage based on your health. Structures take significantly more from this effect.

War Flag is an old arena favorite but has strong uses for aggressive support. Empower your ally and fight together with a strong stim in between each minion wave. With a War Banner your team will be moving and attacking fast; while Spartan Flag will allow them to hit hard while standing near its placement.
  • Getting an assist restores health and mana to all nearby allies and provides a boost to their Movement Speed and Attack Speed.
  • Can be upgraded to War Banner or Spartan Flag at level 17.
    • War Banner
      • Get an assist restores % health and mana to all nearby allies and boost their Movement Speed and Attack Speed more.
    • Spartan Flag
      • Damaging an enemy drops a Spartan Flag, providing Power to allies who stand near it.
Neutral Starters

Last but not least, Tainted Steel. If Healing is something you want to reduce from the start this is the starter for you. Tainted Breastplate is a new and late game Anti-heal item while Tainted Amulet turns a healers strength around and allows you to benefit from it.
  • Enemies hit by your damaging abilities have their healing reduced.
  • Can be upgraded to Tainted Breastplate or Tainted Amulet at level 20.
    • Tainted Breastplate
      • Enemies hit by your damaging abilities have their healing reduced more.
    • Tainted Amulet
      • Enemies hit by your damaging abilities have their healing reduced. Healing reduced this way is transferred to you.
Full Starter Item Text
Aaaannd here is the full text. Good luck!

  • 700g
  • +10 Physical Power
  • +20 Magical Power
  • +75 Health
  • PASSIVE – Hitting an enemy with a Basic Attack restores 2 Health (+1% of your Maximum Health) and 1 Mana (+1.5% of your Maximum Mana). Basic Attacks that deal AoE damage restore half as much for each enemy hit after the first. Can be upgraded at level 20.

  • Can be upgraded from Death’s Toll at level 20.
    • 2200g
    • +80 Physical Power
    • +140 Magical Power
    • +200 Health
    • Passive – Hitting an enemy with a Basic Attack restores 3% of your Health and Mana. Basic Attacks that deal AoE damage restore half as much for each enemy hit after the first. Can be upgraded at level 20.

  • Can be upgraded from Death’s Toll at level 20.
    • 2200g
    • +50 Physical Power
    • +75 Magical Power
    • +30% Attack Speed
    • +100 Health
    • Passive – When an enemy dies near you gain 1 stack of Temper that provides 3.5% increased Basic Attack Power for 10s, maximum of 10 stacks. When an enemy god dies near you gain 5 stacks.

  • 700g
  • +15 Basic Attack Damage
  • +50 Health
  • +7 MP5
  • PASSIVE – Every 10s a nearby enemy minion is marked , prioritizing the highest health minion. If you secure the killing blow on that minion you gain 10 bonus gold and 20% attack speed for 8s, and restore 20 Mana.

  • Can be upgraded from Gilded Arrow at level 20.
    • 2200g
    • +80 Basic Attack Damage
    • +100 Health
    • PASSIVE – When you kill an enemy you gain 10 gold and 20% attack speed for 8s, stacking up to 3 times. If you kill an enemy god you gain 3 stacks and 30 gold immediately.

  • Can be upgraded from Gilded Arrow at level 20.
    • 2200g
    • +60 Basic Attack Damage
    • +150 Health
    • PASSIVE – All sources of gold gain are increased by 20%. For every 100 gold in you have gain 1% Attack Speed and 0.8% Critical Strike Chance, up to a maximum of 25 stacks.

  • 700g
  • +15 Physical Power
  • +10% Physical Lifesteal
  • +5% Attack Speed
  • Passive – While you are near an allied god you gain 10% Attack Speed. While you are alone you gain 5% Movement Speed.

  • Can be upgraded from Leather Cowl at level 20.
    • 2200g
    • +60 Physical Power
    • +15% Physical Lifesteal
    • +20% Attack Speed
    • Passive – While you are near an allied god you gain a 25% Attack Speed aura. If you are alone you gain 10% Movement Speed.

  • Can be upgraded from Leather Cowl at level 20.
    • 2200g
    • +40 Physical Power
    • +300 Health
    • +15% Physical Lifesteal
    • Passive – For each nearby friendly god (55 units) you gain a stack of Outnumber. For each nearby enemy god you lose a stack of Outnumber. Each stack of Outnumber provides 3% increased Power to nearby allied gods.

  • 600g
  • +50 Health
  • +15 Physical Protection
  • +10 Magical Protection
  • +2 Damage Reduction
  • PASSIVE – Damaging an enemy god steals 25 health away from your target and restores it to you. This effect can only occur once every 10s.

  • Can be upgraded from Warrior’s Axe at level 20.
    • 2100g
    • +250 Health
    • +30 Physical Protections
    • +30 Magical Protections.
    • +5 Flat Damage Reduction
    • Passive – Damaging an enemy god steals 10% of their Current Health away from your Target and restores it to you. This effect can only occur once every 7 seconds.

  • Can be upgraded from Warrior’s Axe at level 20.
    • 2100g
    • +300 Health
    • +35 Physical Protection
    • +35 Magical Protection
    • +30% Crowd Control Reduction
    • Passive – When an ally god around you within 55 units is hit by a hard crowd control effect, give them a shield equal to 10% of your Maximum Health. This effect can only occur once every 8s.

  • 800g
  • +10 Physical Power
  • +20 HP5
  • +10 MP5
  • PASSIVE – Enemies hit by your damaging Abilities take an additional 25 Physical Damage over 2s. (Max 2 Stacks).

  • Can be upgraded from Bluestone Pendant at level 20.
    • 2300g
    • +45 Physical Power
    • +30 HP5
    • +30 MP5
    • Passive – Enemies hit by your damaging Abilities take an additional 25 +7.5% of their Current Health over 2s. (Max 2 Stacks).

  • Can be upgraded from Bluestone Pendant at level 20.
    • 2300g
    • +60 Physical Power
    • +20 HP5
    • +20 MP5
    • Passive – Enemies hit by your damaging Abilities take an additional 75 damage over 5s and reduced enemy attack speed by 10%. (Max 2 Stacks). For every enemy afflicted you gain 15% Attacks Speed up to a Maximum of 5 enemies.

  • 700g
  • +100 Health
  • +15 Magical Protection
  • Passive – Whenever you are hit by an ability you gain a stack of Dampening, decreasing damage taken by 5 for 5s. This occurs only once per ability cast. This can stack twice.

  • Can be upgraded from Warding Sigil at level 20.
    • 2200g
    • +200 Health
    • +75 Magical Protection
    • Passive – Whenever you are hit by an ability you gain a stack of Rebuke, decreasing damage taken by 4% for 5s. This occurs only once per ability cast. This can stack three times.

  • Can be upgraded from Warding Sigil at level 20.
    • 2200g
    • +350 Health
    • +25 Magical Protection
    • +25 Physical Protection
    • Passive – Whenever you are hit by an ability, your Infused Sigil gains a stack. This occurs only once per ability cast. At 5 stacks it explodes after 0.5s, dealing 400 Magical Damage to enemies within 30 units of you.

  • 850g
  • +15 Magical power
  • +75 Health
  • +15 Physical Protection
  • +5% Magical Lifesteal
  • PASSIVE – Damaging any enemies with an ability gives you bonus 6 health and 6 mana. Can only trigger once per target per ability.

  • Can be upgraded from Vampiric Shroud at level 20.
    • 2350g
    • +75 Magical Power
    • +200 Health
    • +40 Physical Protections
    • +15% Magical Lifesteal
    • PASSIVE – Damaging any enemy with an ability restores 12 Health, 6 Mana and provide a stack 1% Magical Lifesteal for 6s. This can stack infinitely. Can only trigger once per target per ability.

  • Can be upgraded from Vampiric Shroud at level 20.
    • 2350g
    • +100 Magical Power
    • +100 Health
    • +20 Physical Protection
    • +15% Magical Lifesteal
    • PASSIVE – Your abilities deal 15% more damage, but cost 5% of your Maximum Health.

  • 800g
  • +30 Magical Power
  • +5 MP5
  • +10% Cooldown Reduction
  • PASSIVE – This item grants 2 MP5 per 10% of your missing Mana.

  • Can be upgraded from Sands of Time at level 20.
    • 2300g
    • +90 Magical Power
    • +20 MP5
    • +10% Cooldown Reduction
    • Passive – This item grants 4 MP5 per 10% Missing Mana. This item grants 7 Magical Power per 10% Available Mana.

  • Can be upgraded from Sands of Time at level 20.
    • 2300g
    • +45 Magical Power
    • +45 Protections
    • +15 MP5
    • +10% Cooldown Reduction
    • Passive – When you would die you instead find an alternate timeline you are alive, becoming CC Immune, Damage Immune, and unable to act. After 1.75s you are restored to 25% Health and Mana and can act again. This can only occur once every 10 minutes.

  • 700g
  • +30 Magical Power
  • +15 MP5
  • Passive – Every second you gain a stack of Arcane Energy, causing your next damaging ability to deal an additional 2 True Damage and remove all stacks. This effect stacks up to 20 times.

  • Can be upgraded from Conduit Gem at level 20.
    • 2200g
    • +100 Magical power
    • +25 MP5
    • Passive – Every 1s you gain a stack of Demise, causing your next damaging ability to deal an additional 2.5% of your Magical Power in damage and remove all stacks. This effect stacks up to 20 times.

  • Can be upgraded from Conduit Gem at level 20.
    • 2200g
    • +90 Magical Power
    • +150 Health
    • +15 MP5
    • Passive – Every time you cast an ability that costs mana you gain a stack of Focus for 10s, providing 3% Movement Speed, 3% Damage Increase, and 2% Damage Taken Reduction, stacking up to 3 times.

  • 600g
  • +50 Health
  • +50 Mana
  • PASSIVE – Your Basic Attacks deal +15 True Damage and your Abilities deal +30% Damage versus Jungle Monsters. When a Jungle Monster is killed you are restored for 10% of the Monster’s Health and 25 Mana. Can be upgraded at level 20.

  • Can be upgraded from Bumba’s Dagger at level 20.
    • 2100g
    • +60 Physical Power
    • +90 Magical Power
    • +200 Health
    • +200 Mana
    • Passive – Your Basic Attacks deal +50 True Damage and your Abilities +50% damage against Jungle Monsters, Structures, and Jungle Bosses. When any of these die you are healed for 10% of their Health, restore 10% of your Mana, and are given 10 gold.

  • Can be upgraded from Bumba’s Dagger at level 20.
    • 2100g
    • +300 Health
    • +200 Mana
    • +10% Cooldown Reduction
    • +10% Penetration
    • Passive – After casting an ability your next Basic Attack deals an additional 80 True Damage. After hitting a Basic Attack empowered by Bumba’s Hammer, your active cooldowns are reduced by 1s and you are healed for 5% of your Maximum Health.

  • 650g
  • +10 Physical Power
  • +20 Magical Power
  • +15 HP5
  • +20% Attack Speed
  • Passive – You deal 30% increased damage to Jungle Monsters. Upon defeating a Large Jungle Monster, place a ward that lasts for 30 seconds.

  • Can be upgraded from Eye of the Jungle at level 20.
    • 2150g
    • +60 Physical Power
    • +90 Magical Power
    • +25 Physical Protection
    • +20% Attack Speed
    • Passive – You deal 30% increased damage to Jungle Monsters and Jungle Bosses. Upon defeating a Large Jungle Monster or Jungle Boss, you gain the ability to see Wards for 10s.

  • Can be upgraded from Eye of the Jungle at level 20.
    • 2150g
    • +65 Physical Power
    • +100 Magical Power
    • +35 Physical Protection
    • +35% Attack Speed
    • Passive – While in the jungle you gain 15% Power and 15% Protections.

  • 750g
  • +10 Basic Attack Damage
  • +15 Physical Protection
  • +3 Damage Reduction
  • Enemies hit by your Basic Attacks are burned, taking 20 Physical Damage over 2s and have their Attack Speed reduced by 7%. Jungle Monsters take 2.5x the amount of damage. This effect can stack up to 4 times. Can be upgraded at level 20.

  • Can be upgraded from Manikin Scepter at level 20
    • 2250g
    • +50 Basic Attack Damage
    • +100 Health
    • +30 Physical Protection
    • +8 Damage Reduction
    • Passive – Enemies hit by your Basic Attacks are burned, taking 60 physical damage over 2s and have their Attack Speed slowed by 10%. Jungle Monsters and Bosses take quadruple damage. This effect can stack up to 4 times.

  • Can be upgraded from Manikin Scepter at level 20
    • 2250g
    • +75 Basic Attack Damage
    • +30 Physical Protection
    • +5 Damage Reduction
    • Passive – If you have not taken or dealt damage in the last 5s and hit an enemy god, Jungle Monster, or Jungle Boss, they immediately take 15% of their Current Health as Physical Damage and are slowed by 20% for 5s.

  • 500g
  • +75 Health
  • +7 Physical Protection
  • +7 Magical Protection
  • +7 MP5
  • PASSIVE – Being within assist range of a minion or jungle camp monster death without dealing the killing blow awards 7 bonus gold, and also restores +12 Health and +8 Mana. If you are not near an allied god for 20 seconds or more, this passive is disabled.

  • Can be upgraded from Sentinel’s Gift at level 17.
    • +300 Health
    • +45 Physical Protection
    • +45 Magical Protection
    • +20 MP5
    • PASSIVE – Assisting an enemy target dying provides 15 Bonus Gold and restores 3% of your Health and Mana.

  • Can be upgraded from Sentinel’s Gift at level 17.
    • +200 Health
    • +20 Physical Protection
    • +20 Magical Protection
    • +20 MP5
    • PASSIVE – Evenly split 120 Physical and Magical Protection among all nearby allied gods and yourself. If you are alone you only gain 60 Physical and Magical Protections.

  • 750g
  • +75 Health
  • +7 HP5
  • +10 MP5
  • Passive – Gain 2GP5 and 1 XPP5 (+0.5 per level). Any time you would gain experience or gold from an enemy dying you only take 90% and share 10% with nearby allies.

  • Can be upgraded from Benevolence at level 17.
    • 2250g
    • +300 Health
    • +30 HP5
    • +15 MP5
    • PASSIVE – Damage taken by nearby allies is reduced by 15%, up to a maximum of 100 damage. The reduced damage is redirected to you as Magical Damage. If this redirected damage would kill you, it does not get redirected.

  • Can be upgraded from Benevolence at level 17.
    • 2250g
    • +400 Health
    • +20 HP5
    • +20 MP5
    • PASSIVE –  Your Basic Attack deals bonus damage equal to 4% of your Maximum Health as Magical Damage. This effect is doubled against structures.

  • 700g
  • +10 Physical Power
  • +20 Magical Power
  • +100 Health
  • +10 MP5
  • PASSIVE – Being in range of minion or jungle camp death without dealing the killing the blow restores 6 Health and 6 Mana to all allies within 55 units and also provides allies with a stacking self buff of 1% Movement Speed and 2% Attack Speed. Lasts 8s and stacks up to 10 times.

  • Can be upgraded from War Flag at level 17.
    • 2200g
    • +30 Physical Power
    • +60 Magical Power
    • +300 Health
    • +15 MP5
    • PASSIVE – Each time you assist a kill on a minion or jungle monster you restore 1% health and mana to all allies within 55 units and also provide allies with a stacking self buff of 2% Movement Speed and 4% Attack Speed. Lasts 10s and stacks up to 10 times.

  • Can be upgraded from War Flag at level 17.
    • 2200g
    • +40 Physical Power
    • +65 Magical Power
    • +300 Health
    • +15 MP5
    • PASSIVE – When you damage an enemy god you call down a Spartan Flag at your location, providing 10% increased Power to allies standing in the radius. Lasts for 10s, can only occur once every 10s.

  • 750g
  • +10 Physical Power
  • +15 Magical Power
  • +15 Magical Protection
  • +15 Physical Protection
  • Passive: Enemy Gods that you hit have their healing taken reduced by 20% for 6s.

  • Can be upgraded from Tainted Steel at level 20.
    • 2250g
    • +40 Physical Power
    • +60 Magical Power
    • +30 Magical Protection
    • +70 Physical Protection
    • Passive: Enemy Gods that you hit have their healing taken reduced by 50% for 6s.

  • Can be upgraded from Tainted Steel at level 20.
    • 2250g
    • +30 Physical Power
    • +50 Magical Power
    • +80 Magical Protection
    • +30 Physical Protection
    • Passive : Enemy Gods that you hit have their healing taken reduced by 20% for 6s. You are healed for 100% of the healing reduced.

Elixir of Power and Defense are late game options for players looking for that final push to close out a game. While Power was strong, it didn’t fully support all build types. Defense struggled to feel worth the 3000 gold cost. Some bonus penetration, damage mitigation, and CCR will help these items stand out in more situations.


  • Now provides 10% Penetration.

  • Now provides 5% Damage Mitigation.
  • Now provides 20% Crowd Control Reduction.

Shield of Thorns has polarized many players. Especially at the top end of play this item’s flexibility feels difficult to play around. We are decreasing how much damage this can reflect, lowering its impact when used to its maximum effect.


  • Decreased damage reflected from 40% to 30%.
  • Decrease cap of damage taken from 150 * Level to 120 * Level.

  • Decreased damage reflected from 40% to 30%.
  • Decrease cap of damage taken from 150 * Level to 120 * Level.
Tank Item Adjustments
Witchblade, Winged Blade, and Relic Dagger are being adjusted to form a stronger tank tree overall. Witchblade struggled as a hybrid item with stats difficult to leverage. It will now better focus around mitigating Physical Damage while Winged Blade gains Magical Protection to help tanks find opportunities to build it. Relic Dagger is the pure health option to round out the trio.


  • Now builds off Adventurer’s Blade.
    • No longer provides Attack Speed.
  • Now provides 30 Physical Protections.
  • Increased Attack Speed Reduction Aura from 20% to 25%.

  • Decreased Health from 300 to 250.
  • Now provides 30 Magical Protections.

  • Increased Health from 300 to 350.
  • Now provides 10% Crowd Control Reduction.

Emperor’s Armor brings unique utility but struggled to feel worthwhile in the many other fights that occur that are not around a structure. A boost to Physical Protection helps alleviate that feeling.


  • Increased Physical Protection from 50 to 60.

Talisman of Energy could not generate enough stacks to feel worthwhile, especially in Teamfights on Conquest. This item will now generate all of its stacks upon an enemy god being defeated, vastly improving the chances to empower your team.


  • Now provides maximum stacks on a god death or assist.
Assassin Item Adjustments

Jotunn’s Wrath has been a staple but underwhelming item for Assassins. Some extra power makes sure it competes with more offensive items like Brawler’s Beatstick and The Crusher.


  • Increased Physical Power from 40 to 50.

Stone Cutting Sword is a powerful tool that requires many supporting items to get its full value. The high cost combined with multiple In-hand Assassin item nerfs has seen this item struggle to be built. A lower cost frees up some gold to help support this item as a whole


  • Decreased cost from 2500 to 2350.

Berserker’s Shield and Ancile existed as bruiser items that struggled to be tanky enough for Warriors and offensive enough for Assassins. These items are being shifted more towards Assassins. Both items are losing Protections in favor of additional Physical Power. The goal is that Assassin’s have options to protect against specific targets without becoming full on Bruisers themselves.


  • Decreased Physical Protection from 30 to 20.
  • Increased Physical Power from 40 to 50.
  • Increased Physical Power from Berserk Passive from 20 to 30.

  • Decreased cost from 1400 to 1150.
    • The cost of items that are built from Warded Shield have remained unchanged.
  • Decreased Magical Protection from 35 to 25.

  • Decreased Magical Protection from 50 to 30.
  • Increased Physical Power from 40 to 60.

Serrated Edge’s passive definitely asks for gods to play very differently with their abilities to maximize its use cases. The passive providing Basic Attack Power limited the pool of gods who could opt into this play style even further. Changing this to Physical Power should open this pool up.


  • Now provides 10 Physical Power per stack.
  • No longer provides 10 Basic Attack Power per stack.
Magical Item Adjustments

Celestial Legion Helm gives mages who are concerned about Physical Damage a strong counter choice; but the lack of Power made that tradeoff difficult to justify. Some extra Power will help this tradeoff feel more in line with other choices.


  • Increased Magical Power from 60 to 70.

Spear of Desolation and Spear of Magus have similar stats but different passives, with Magus feeling like a generally stronger and more flexible passive. For gods with lower cooldown Ultimates (or for extended fights) it will now reduce ultimate cooldown a more significant amount


  • Now decreases ultimate cooldowns by 8s on getting a kill or assist on an enemy god in addition to reducing non-ultimate cooldowns by 2s.

Magical Penetration has largely settled into a fine spot, but we see Obsidian Shard struggle to compete with other % Penetration options. This extra power should help it match Charon’s Coin as one of the two 20% options.


  • Increased Magical Power from 70 to 80.

Polynomicon is a fun item for many players but struggles to really rack up a win. A small boost to power will round out its strength and allow it to see more success.


  • Increased Magical Power from 85 to 95.

  • Added new art to indicate which stacks are gained on the buff bar. Green “Heads” for Hp5. Yellow “Tails”/boat for Movement Speed.

Many players during our initial Magical Penetration changes felt Soul Reaver fought with our stated goals. It provided not only a powerful stat against tanks but a tank shredding passive, doubling down as a potent one off item. We are removing the Magical Penetration and moving it to something focused more on general offense; but are adjusting its passive and cost to highlight its identity are a % health shred option


  • No longer provides 10% Magical Penetration.
  • Decreased cost from 2850 to 2650.
  • Increased % health damage at maximum strength from 7% to 9%.

And Rod of Tahuti is the item that is more aligned with our Magical Penetration goals. Rod of Tahuti’s cost and lack of utility passive has made it struggle to find a solid place in the Meta. The extra Penetration will make this a much more attractive option for mages across all styles of play. We will keep a close eye on this item as simply adding 10% Penetration is a large buff, but one we felt was appropriate for a very late game Mage item that has struggled compared to utility items.


  • Now provides 10% Magical Penetration.

  • Decreased Movement Speed from 3% to 2%.
  • Decreased Stack count from 5 to 4.
  • Increased Magical Power per stack from 3 to 4.
    • 15 to 16 total.
    • Extra stack of movement speed lost

Doom Orb and Cursed Orb bring very early speed to Mages. Not only has this become a more dominant strategy in recent months but we expect Movement Speed to be extra strong on a larger Season 8 Conquest.


  • Decreased Movement Speed from 6% to 4%.
Warrior Item Adjustments

Similar to Berserker’s Shield and Ancile, Shifters fell into a world of not being tanky enough for bruisers but not offensive enough for Assassins. We are however shifting this toward a Bruiser playstyle, bringing up its protections in all situations.


  • Increased Physical Protection from 15 to 25.
  • Increased Protections gained while under 75% Health from 35 to 40.
  • Decreased cost from 2400 to 2350.

The Hammer Tree is also seeing a slew of adjustments with the goal of bringing The Sledge more into line and boosting unused Hammers into more relevance. Frostbound Hammer will provide some extra offense and utility in the form of its Attack Speed reduction. Pairing this with the newly adjusted Witchblade could prove a powerful combo against Basic Attack gods.


  • Increased Physical Power from 25 to 35.
  • Increased Attack Speed Reduction from 15% to 25%.

Runeforged Hammer is being shifted around, making it more attractive for gods who rely on higher base damages and less on scaling.


  • Increased Health from 200 to 250.
  • Decreased Power from 50 to 40.
  • Increased Passive damage increase from 15% to 20%.

The Sledge has dominated the Warrior item pool, and previously we felt it needed to remain that way to ensure Warriors felt impactful. With the new Season and improved Bruiser choices we feel we can safely take this item down a notch.


  • Decreased Health from 300 to 250.
  • Decreased Protections per stack from 10 to 8.

Similar to Doom Orb, Movement Speed on Season 8 is more valuable than ever. While this nerf looks more significant the boost was already suffering from Diminishing Returns, putting it closer to the nerf Doom Orb experienced.


  • Decreased Movement Speed on Passive from 40% to 30%.
Hunter Item Adjustments

To kick off the Hunter section we have a new Physical Penetration option! Dominance is a new item to the Charged Morningstar tree, providing a decent chunk of Power, Mana, and extra Penetration for your Basic Attacks. More specifically this item provides many stats a Hunter may want but not all of them in one go. We hope this item can flex into a variety of Hunter builds without enforcing a specific build that shines above other build choices.


  • Builds from Charged Morningstar
  • 2500g
    • +55 Physical Power
    • +200 Mana
    • +20 MP5
    • +10% Physical Penetration
      • PASSIVE – Your Basic Attacks benefit from an additional 10% Physical Penetration.

Speaking of items that provide many stats, as a 20% Penetration option with Power, Attack Speed, and strong utility, Atalanta’s Bow dictated much of the Season 7 Hunter builds. We are removing 10% Penetration and reducing its cost to allow it to still be a strong option, but one that flexes into your build rather than determining it.


  • Decreased Physical Penetration from 20% to 10%.
  • Decreased cost from 2450 to 2200.

The Executioner also saw heavy adjustments in the Season 7 Penetration adjustments that resulted in it disappearing from most builds. We are increasing its stack count allowing it to provide similar levels of Penetration that it used to but requiring a longer engagement before it fully comes online.


  • Increased Maximum Stack count from 3 to 4.
    • 21% to 28% Penetration total

Critical Strike in SMITE has many fans and enemies, but we think something most players would agree with is that low Critical Strike chances randomly triggering 3 times in a row feels distinctly unfair. Going forward only Tier 3 items will provide Critical Strike chance. These items have enough Critical Strike Chance that they begin to feel fair as the players have more heavily invested into this build path with a sufficiently high chance, rather than a 5% chance from Hidden Dagger.
  • No longer provides Critical Strike Chance.
  • Increased Power from 15 to 25.
  • Decreased Cost from 1500 to 1400.
    • All upgrades still retain their same full item cost.

  • No longer provides Critical Strike Chance.
  • Increased Physical Power from 10 to 15.

  • No longer provides Critical Strike Chance.
  • Increased Physical Power from 20 to 25.
  • Decreased Cost from 1500 to 1350.
    • All upgrades still retain their same full item cost.

  • Increased Physical Power from 20 to 30.
  • Increased Cost from 2400 to 2500.

With the changes to Critical Strike in low amounts and the core of Hunter Penetration being adjusted, we want to ensure Critical Strike items provide enough late game power. Deathbringer while fun has struggled to be effective. Some extra power will help bolster Critical Strike builds.


  • Increased Physical Power from 40 to 50.

All the Shurikens are also seeing a boost. Their utility often came at a heavy premium that made Critical Strike builds feel underwhelming. Some extra stats behind each item (or lowering the cost to help its overall power curve) will help them stand out.


  • Increased Physical Power from 30 to 40.
  • Increased Attack Speed from 10% to 15%.
    • This item received additional changes outlined in the anti-healing section.

  • Increased Critical Strike Chance from 15% to 20%

  • Decreased cost from 2500 to 2300.
  • Decreased poison slow from 15% to 10%.
Janus has a long history in SMITE. When strong he often feels very frustrating to fight against, with moments of high variability in his damage output combined with strong high level utility. Over time his utility and damage have been nerfed in response to the point where he struggles to see success at any level of play.
Our goal of this minor rework is to help improve this variability around his kit when it comes to damage. We want players to have a more consistent experience when playing as and against Janus. Unstable Vortex will lose its center dead area but still reward players for lining up a double hit. Through Space and Time will still bring teamwide mobility and a strong chunk of damage to anyone unfortunate enough to be hit, but it can no longer literally one shot a full health target.


  • Players falling from a Janus portal can now be damaged before they hit the ground. (Previously they were untargetable until after they hit the ground completely, which was inconsistent with other banish effects.)
  • Going through Janus’ portals now has a unique sound to different it from the Blink Relic

  • Unstable Vortex now damages enemies who are in between the two Vortex projectiles.
    • A chain of energy connects the two orbs, showing this damage area.
    • Enemies can still be “double-hit” if they are hit where the orbs meet.

  • This ability can now only ever deal up to 75% of a target’s max health.
  • This ability’s audio has been adjusted to be more audible as it travels.
Bakasura, Ra, and Poseidon are seeing nerfs to their Movement Speed. In Season 8 Movement Speed is stronger than ever due to a larger Conquest map. We looked at all gods and their Movement Speed and wanted to only nerf already high performing gods rather than blanket nerfing a wide array of gods without everyone having a chance to develop their own metas. These gods likely could use nerfs to begin with and are gods we would have expected to excel even more in a Season 8 world.


  • Decreased Movement Speed from 7% to 5% per stack.

  • Decreased Movement Speed from 6% to 5% per stack.

  • Decreased Movement Speed from 15% to 10% at Max Tide.
Similar to some other items we have discussed, Combustion has a much different strength when Agni can hit minions versus fighting gods directly. Generating additional stacks when hitting gods helps Agni players who can land Basic Attacks during a hectic fight.


  • Basic Attacking a god now provides 2 stacks.
Vicious Barrage scales on both Attack Speed and Duration, effectively making it a very weak level 1 stim but allowing it to even out with other stims by level 20. Decreasing its Mana cost and increasing its base Attack Speed help to even out its power through its ranks while allowing Chernobog players more flexibility when choosing to use this ability.


  • Increased Attack Speed from 20/30/40/50/60% to 40/45/50/55/60%.
  • Decreased Mana cost from 70/90 to 60/80.
Chiron’s Passive provides strong regen but often lacks the impact of other Passives. Herbal Medicine will now provide Power to allies being healed, giving it that extra kick for Chiron and his allies


  • Provides Power to allies being healed.
    • 5 (+1 per level) Physical Power
    • 10 (+2 per Level) Magical Power.
Chronos and Sol are often talked about with other Magical ADCs who had a very strong showing at the start of Season 7. Since then many of the core items that really boosted the role have been nerfed and adjusted, leaving Chronos and Sol underperforming. They are both gaining some general Attack Speed and Scaling on their damaging abilities to help them compete with other Magical ADCs.


  • Increased Attack Speed per level from 0.8% to 1.5%.

  • Increased Scaling from 40% to 45%. (80% to 90%)
The Legendary Tanuki has exploded into our hearts! This fun filled Hunter has been fun to watch, proving himself to be a formidable foe in his debut. Dubious Savings’ Bonus Power and the base damage of Fool’s Gold in particular make him a difficult opponent to survive against early on. We are reducing both to give enemies a fighting chance against this tricky Tanuki.


  • Decreased Bonus Power from each pouch from 10 to 6

  • Decreased base damage from 70/125/180/235/290 to 70/120/170/220/270
  • Decreased damage from subsequent hits of money bags and explosions from 20% to 15%
Fenrir is often chained down as an aggressive support or a bruiser Jungler. We wanted to give him extra scaling and better access to his strong utility to help him excel when building higher raw power. The biggest change here is Seething Howl providing 2 Unbound Runes. This allows Fenrir in the jungle to more reliably use his runes to clear while still getting access to his Stun when it comes time to gank.


  • Increased Physical Power Scaling from 80% to 95%.

  • Immediately generates 2 Unbound Runes upon cast.

  • Increased AoE damage from 50% of Brutalize Damage to 60% of Brutalize Damage.
Hachiman’s Eagle Eye definitely scared us during his development. Access to extra long Range Basic Attacks was a concern but clearly this feels fair to fight against. Similar to his last change, Eagle Eye is getting some more love. Lower cooldown will highlight this unique part of Hachiman more often.
Additionally, Hachiman and Rama are seeing an adjustment to their Ultimate. Both gods could dash while exiting their ultimate, causing their animations to break and visually making them seem hitable when they land but allowing them to act earlier than intended. Hachiman and Rama will now resolve the landing from their ultimates before being allowed to act or dash.


  • Decreased cooldown from 14s to 12s.

  • Fixed an issue where Hachiman can fire other abilities while exiting the ultimate earlier than intended.
Hercules’ early game saw a heavy hit with our last round of adjustments. We want to bring up his overall game to offset this heavy hit and Earthbreaker was a solid place to bring that power back. Extra Base damage in addition to scaling will help him scale over the course of the game, bringing more Bruiser strength to late game fights.


  • Increased damage from 80/125/170/215/260 (+50% of your Physical Power) to 90/140/190/240/290 (+60% of your Physical Power.)
Izanami’s Basic Attacks are weird, and that is a good thing! Her unique attacks allow her to stand out among other hunters, but these attacks did have one strange feeling. As her Attack Speed rose it became difficult to really track how many sickles were out and where in their path they were. In this adjustment we are allowing these projectiles to speed up as her Attack Speed increases, making her Attack pacing feel more consistent across the whole game. This is likely quite the buff, but one that we think will improve her overall feel quite a bit. If we need further adjustments we can address that one we have her attacks feeling fluid.


  • Izanami’s Sickle projectile speed increases as she gains attack speed. This should result more closely with her sickle returning before a second one fires.
Merlin’s different stances bring unique strengths to the table. Frost slows and provides quick damage (if not a hair too quick), Arcane is large AoE and control, while Fire brings high damage if Merlin can stay close. Fire however didn’t quite hit that stated goal. Radiate in particular ticked slowly, making its impact feel delayed and was often not worth the risk of channeling it on a god. It will now tick more rapidly (and deal more damage over its entire life) rewarding Merlin who can find an opportunity to stay close to his enemies.


  • Decreased scaling from 60% to 55%.

  • Decrease time between ticks from 0.5s to 0.25.
  • Change from 10/20/30/40/50 (+30% of your Magical Power) to 6/12/18/24/30 (+18% of your Magical Power) per tick.
    • Total : 40/180/120/160/200 (+120%) to 48/96/144/192/240 (+144%)
Ne Zha, similar to Fenrir, has often found himself more of a support and it is easy to see why. Flaming Spear encourages high health, his ultimate put him in high danger requiring tankier items, and his overall scaling heavily relied on Critical Strikes limiting his build choice. We want to make Adjustments to better give Ne Zha an opportunity to build Power. Flaming Spear will now scale with power, not health. Armillary Sash can no longer crit but gains heavy scaling. Finally, Wind Fire Wheels will provide flat protections upon landing. These lower protections can mean the difference between life and death for an Assassin but would be mostly a small bonus for a Tank.
At the same time we also are increasing the beads window for Wind Fire Wheels to 0.4s. Even professional level players felt the window to react, especially from point blank, was nearly impossible. Overall these changes should allow Ne Zha to perform as an Assassin more consistently rather than relying on point blank ultimates to contribute.


  • Heal changed from 0.75% of your Maximum Health per stack to 2/4/6/8/10 + (10% of your Physical Power) per stacks.

  • This ability can no longer crit.
  • Increased damage from 70/100/130/160/190 70/120/170/220/270.
  • Increased scaling from 100% to 150%.

  • Increased the beads window for Wind Fire Wheels. (0.4s)
  • Upon landing you gain 20/25/30/35/40 Protections for 5s.
Raijin enters and leaves the meta but has currently struggled to see much success. We want to improve the strength of his core kit rather than adjusting his ultimate, as that seems to be currently what pushed him in and out at the highest levels of play. Percussive Storm and Raiju will have a lower cooldown, giving Raijin better access to answers when clearing wave and contesting objectives. Thunder Crash is also getting some scaling, rewarding Raijin players who find a chance to use this ability offensively.


  • Decreased cooldown from 10s to 9s.

  • Decreased cooldown from 16/15/14/13/12s to 14/13/12/11/10s.

  • Increased scaling on lightning and thunder damage from 20% to 30%. (40 -> 60% total)

  • Fixed an issue where Rama can fire other abilities while exiting the ultimate earlier than intended.

  • Increased Attack Speed from 1% to 1.2% (25% to 30%)

  • Increased damage from 35% to 40%. (70% to 80%).
8.1 is only the start of another fantastic season of SMITE! What else can you look forward to this year? Well this section will answer that question by spoiling some big things early and hinting at a few others! This list will not cover all of our planned updates, and some things on this list might change.
Upcoming Gods
Our God schedule is keeping steady from past years. See our teaser trailer for your hints about who might be coming this year! There are currently planned to be 6 new gods this year, with at least one of each class. The Babylonian was our big “player requested” addition this year. The rest of the year will be a mixture of surprises and other interesting community requests. Anything players feel like is lacking in Season 8 will very likely be a part of Season 9! Player feedback comes in much faster than we can release gods, so don’t worry, we are listening, just give us some time!
  • Tiamat – 8.2 Launch
  • Gilgamesh – 8.4 Launch
  • 8.6 God
  • 8.8 God
  • 8.10 God
  • 8.12 God
Upcoming God Reworks (In order of release date)
The biggest of balance changes – the rework. When the tuning of numbers alone is not enough to improve certain gods, we apply the concept called “reworking” them. This leads to major changes in ability functionality, or possibly completely new abilities. Here is what we have planned for Season 8.
  • Persephone
    • This goddess is going to receive changes to the functionality of multiple abilities across her entire kit, with the main focus being decreasing frustration of her enemies and taking down her pro-play performance while increasing her casual performance.
  • Bastet
    • We missed the mark on our previous Bastet update. Currently Bastet has strong win % stats in conquest, but players feel underwhelmed by her. We are giving her another new passive and a new Ultimate that should feel much more like a true Ultimate ability.
  • At Least 2 Other Gods
    • In Season 8, more gods will be receiving reworks that change at least 1 ability entirely, or make heavy adjustments kit-wide. We aren’t ready to name them yet but keep an eye out. Our designers have already begun the process on these gods, and we look forward to playtesting them!
Upcoming Item Reworks (In order of release date)
Usually we see more new items in the X.1 Update in each Season. This year the item content is dominated by new and reworked starter items. It’s a lot of items, but it did lead to less changes to traditional Tier 3 items. Because of that, we are going to see more item reworks in a few updates after 8.1.
  • Mail of Renewal
  • Stone of Fal
    • These two are our current top priority, as both items are relatively unpopular. We are planning to make them into more interesting options for tanky gods.
  • Item Particle FX
    • Some Items create pretty bold particles on hit, which we think is cluttering the game and obscuring vision, we are going to do a pass on these particles to make sure only essential information is conveyed this way, and tone down a lot of item FX. We have done this before and it felt like a big improvement, so it’s time we did it again.
  • Other Items
    • It’s likely that other items will be reworked in Mid Season 8 or beyond, but we aren’t planning to share any more details at this time.
Upcoming God Remodels (In order of release date)
Everyone gets excited for a classic god being remodeled. Ares and Isis both look amazing after their Season 7 updates, and we plan to keep the process rolling through Season 8. Remodels are a time consuming process so we have to pace ourselves, but we plan to keep implementing them in the same ways as we did for Ares and Isis.
  • Sobek Remodel
    • A lot of gods get brought up for remodel, so we have to look closely at the feedback and data to decide who goes next. In our opinion we saw Sobek as the clear front-runner. Sobek’s remodel has already been concepted and started in 3D Modeling, and will be launching early in Season 8!
  • At Least 1 Other God
    • We have one more god pretty locked down for remodel, and hopefully will be able to find time for more
Upcoming Skins for Gods who aren’t often skinned
We want to make sure that all gods get quality skins within a reasonable amount of time. We have been actively tracking the gods who have gone the longest without a new skin to make sure we prioritize them in our planning. We can’t skin every god every year, but we can get close! Here are a few gods who have gone a while without a skin, and our plans for them in Season 8.
  • Artwork already started (definitely happening)
    • Cerberus
    • Baron Samedi
    • Kuzenbo
    • Serqet
    • Erlang Shen
    • Kali
    • Vamana
    • Zhong Kui
    • Thoth
  • Planned, but not started (likely happening)
    • Chronos
    • Sylvanus
Upcoming Events and Modes
And now we can zoom out a little, looking beyond each individual god or item. Game Modes and maps are a huge part of SMITE. We want to constantly be creating new twists on our current games so that they feel fresh and exciting. This year will have a heavy focus on Conquest but we want to reassure the community that we have specific plans for non-Conquest modes as well.
  • Maps and Game Modes
    • Conquest
      • As mentioned above – S8 Conquest is planned to have 3 more updates throughout Season 8
    • At Least 1 other Map
      • We also have plans for art and design updates to other maps in SMITE that we expect to release within Season 8!
  • 2 Crossover Events
    • We cannot reveal any details about them, but this pace of “2 a year” is feeling really good for the dev team and players alike. We are going to try to continue this throughout Season 8 with a focus on making sure we find good fits for combat styles between each IP character and SMITE god. Crossover events should be somewhat rare and the skins need to be super high quality. We think Avatar and TMNT nailed this concept and we plan to keep the bar as high as those two crossovers did.
Upcoming Quality of Life, Systems, and UI
Gods, Items, Skins, and Modes have been covered, but there is so much more to SMITE. We have been keeping a constant focus on continually updating the SMITE client through UI and systems changes.
  • Clans will return in 2 Phases
    • Phase 1 – Initial rework launch limited to only essential functions – Early S8
    • Phase 2 – New systems, and new rewards  – Late S8 / Early S9
    • Clans in SMITE had some pretty serious technical issues on the backend that could lead to game crashes and server crashes. In order to fix these we have had to scrap a lot of the code systems and start from scratch. We plan to release the core functions early in S8 focusing on facilitating social gameplay. This release will likely have more features cut rather than added when comparing to the previous Clan system.
    • However, we do plan to bring in UI updates, new features, and new reward systems later in the year. We will take our time with phase 2 to avoid any future issues with the Clan system.
  • UI Updates (not in order of release date, just current top priorities)
    • Esports and Livestreams Updates – and Viewer Store Updates – in 8.2
    • Purchasing Experience – More intuitive and clear UI elements when buying things
    • In-Match Experience – Item Shop, HUD, and Gameplay Clarity for all platforms
    • Ranked UI – Improving Clarity on MMR, Rank, and Matchmaking
    • Many more miscellaneous Quality of Life features are planned and we hope to continually ship these with and around the bigger updates.
Thanks to everyone who participated in our Season 8 PTS. We had some of the largest turnout for a PTS we have ever had and it was amazing to see everyone play on the new Season 8 map and try out all the new items and balance. Our goal with this set of balance adjustment is to look at outliers that have a high risk of dictating the meta and give them softer adjustments before they see Live play in the coming weeks. We don’t want to overreact before players have had a chance to develop their Season 8 strategies over a longer period of time.
Items like Sentinel’s Embrace and Animosity are probably the standout for strong items that are not receiving an adjustment. These items while strong should feel that way as they are largely limited to Supports. This gives them a strong role and exciting role to play late into the game. To pick these up on non-support roles players must forgo a starter at the beginning of the game or go one that may not help them (and in the case of Animosity, lower their XP gain). We will keep a close eye on this. If this drawback is not as strong as we believe it is it is possible items like these could begin to dictate the meta in unhealthy ways and we will make adjustments to address this.

Death’s Toll was a standout during the PTS cycle. The safety it provided was simply too high. A cost increase paired with a nerf to its safety should bring it more in line with the more aggressive or farm oriented choices.
  • Increased cost from 700g to 750g
  • Decreased Health Restore from 1% Maximum Health to 0.75% Maximum Health

Death’s Embrace doubled down on Death’s Toll’s viability as a starter. Not only did this item provide hefty sustain but the power provided made it a successful offensive choice as well. By nerfing the power on this item the tradeoff is more clear between offensive capability and sustain. We will also continue to keep an eye on gods using this item to solo team based objectives and make adjustments if this strategy becomes too effective.
  • Decreased Physical Power from 80 to 65
  • Decreased Magical Power from 140 to 110

Manikin Scepter was able to succeed in many roles. Hunter’s and Solo Laners in particular found the burn combined with the ability to control objectives around them quite potent. It is an interesting strategy but it was slowly becoming a dominant one. We are decreasing the burn damage but increasing the damage done to Jungle Monsters. This should take the edge off its potency in lane while preserving its strength for Junglers.
  • Decreased damage over time from 20 Physical Damage to 16 Physical Damage over 2 seconds
  • Increased Jungle Bonus Damage from 2.5x to 3x

The large amount of Attack Speed put this starter above most other Jungle choices for many gods, even if they didn’t value Attack Speed too highly. We are decreasing this Attack Speed to ensure a healthy choice of Jungle Starters at the start of the Season.
  • Decreased base attack speed from 20% to 15%

Protector of the Jungle’s stat efficiency was through the roof and further pushed Eye of the Jungle as the go to starter. In line with our goal of softer adjustments to bring things into a more even playing field, we are decreasing the passives effectiveness by 3%. This item is likely still quite good, but more comparable to other options.
  • Decreased the passive bonus from 15% to 12%

Bumba’s Dagger is the safe choice for Jungler’s, but even with options like starting with T2 boots we saw this item struggle to be effective. The early clear in particular fell behind other starters. We are increasing the bonus damage (combined with a fix that should prevent some cases where it was being mitigated) to help bolster its early game strength.
  • Increased bonus Basic Attack damage from 15 to 20 True Damage

The Alternate Timeline has a lot of hype surrounding it. A potent effective with a massive cooldown definitely gets people talking! This is a minor adjustment to better focus it’s stats while we continue to keep our eye on this effect.
  • No longer provides +15 MP5

  • Text now specifies it provides Physical Critical Strike chance.
The Lotus Prince definitely feels more successful as an Assassin, with higher scaling on his Sash combined with a Power Scaling heal. However, the strength of this heal scaling was simply too high. We are cutting the scaling in half, keeping it as a strong self heal for Ne Zha players that can generate passive stacks. Just not one that undoes a full round of abilities in an instant.

  • Decreased Physical Power Scaling on the heal from 10% per stack to 5% per stack.
  • Fixed an issue where the looping sound FX on Danzaburou’s ultimate rocket would not play for the entire duration as it traveled
  • Increased the volume of the sound FX on Danzaburou’s ultimate rocket

  • Changes that were planned for this ability for 8.1 are being reverted and will not go live in 8.1. This is due to the issues it had when Janus used the ability on himself.
  • We do plan on still going forward with this change in future updates, but with specific programming to only change the functionality of the falling state at the end of the ability.
  • Jormungandr’s basic attacks will not trigger any item effects, including all starter items and their upgrades. Previously he was allowed to trigger blessings only because the effects were limited, but the 8.1 starters create clear break cases.
Item Bug Fixes
  • General
    • Updated text on many starter items for clarity and consistency
  • Bumbas Hammer
    • Fixed an issue where toggle or multi-fire abilities could trigger this item. This item should behave similarly to Hydra’s Lament and Polynomicon when it comes to what abilities can proc this effect.
      • NOTE: There are two issues we are aware of that will be fixed in 8.2. Some abilities such as Nemesis Shield and Hera’s Shield will trigger this item after the shield fades. This does not match Hydra’s Lament or Polynomicon which procs immediately. Additionally, Zhong Kui’s ultimate and Ah Puch’s Undead Surge will not proc this item. We are working on a fix to allow this item to proc in this situation.
  • Starter Items
    • Fixed an issue where players could buy additional starter items.
  • Manikin Mace
    • Fixed an issue where Jungle Bosses could immune a portion of this items damage.
  • Manikin Scepter
    • Fixed an issue where this item did higher damage to Jungle Monsters than listed.
  • Diamond Arrow
    • Fixed an issue where this item wasn’t stacking
  • Hunter’s Cowl
    • Fixed an issue where this items aura could stack multiple times.
  • Leather Cowl
    • Fixed an issue where this items aura could stack multiple times.
  • Death’s Toll
    • Fixed an issue where Basic Attacks that should not trigger item effects were triggering this item. This was most notable on Jormungandr.
  • Aura Starter Items
    • Fixed an issue where the auras could remain when these types of items were sold.
Map Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issues where minions were not providing any gold when damaged by towers
    • Fixed multiple issues with towers visual FX
    • Missing Invade Debuff on enemy doors and enemy jungles
      • Jungle invader curse
        • Persistent area active until 1m on game clock in the enemies entire jungle
        • Debuff lasts 5s
      • Doors Invader curse
        • Persistent area active whole game, but only on door open pads
        • Debuff lasts 5s
    • Fixed  Base Door Audio
      • Allied doors open instantly
      • Enemy doors take 3s to open, and now audio cues will play to show that this is ticking up
    • Fixed an issue with fire giant where some unintended collision would remain while fighting it
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes fire minions would not have the proper visual FX or minimap icons
    • Fixed a large amount of collision issues
      • Fixed issues where god could clip into environment,
      • Fixed issues where areas had invisible walls
      • Fixed issues where some areas the fog didn’t match jungle edges
      • Fixed issues with wall-interacting abilities (Janus)


  • Pets that can travel far from their god (Chang’e and Baba Yaga) can now open doors
  • Other god pets with more combat focused and max distances will not be able to open doors, and will continue to try to go through the doors if its the shortest path, even if doors are closed
UI Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a variety of issues with Role Trading
  • Added Jungle Guides Art to the map
  • Fixed an issue where new Guides could not be toggled from the in game “guides” menu
  • Added a cooldown to the audio on help tip popups
  • Fixed an issue where towers were using temp icon art >:0
  • Updated Mini Map Icons for:
    • Lesser Scorpions
    • Greater Scorpions
    • Role Guide Waypoint
Conquest Environment Art
  • Lots of additional Environment Art decoration and props have been added throughout the map
  • Totem of Ku and tower radius should no longer be visible on the back sides of walls
  • Adjusted the floor brightness and height of FG and Pyromancer areas
  • Decreased the density of jungle fog as well as adjusted the distance effect
  • Made artistic changes to better highlight the Titan leash radius of the Chaos base
Additional Clarity and Messaging
  • Item Attack Speed Slows & Item Slows
    • Item Attack Speed Slows and Item Slows are strongest wins, meaning the strongest possible effect from 1 item will take priority over other item effects. This means they cannot stack. This already exists with Frostbound Hammer and Witchblade for example, but will now also extend to the new starters where applicable.
  • The Alternate Timeline
    • We are aware of selling/rebuying as an exploit case to reset its cooldown. This is technically consistent with an item like Magi’s Blessing; but given its extreme cooldown and effect it likely needs different rules. We do plan on a fix for this issue going into 8.2.
  • Known issues / upcoming fixes
    • We have a long list of smaller issues also fixed for 8.1 that were left out here, as well as many smaller ones planned for fixes ASAP like 8.2. So if you don’t see something on this list, please try to report it after 8.1 goes live.
    • Custom Builds/Auto Build will not upgrade new starters for you automatically
    • Season 8 Map
      • Adding the Spectator version of the map with reduced trees and lowered heights of certain objects
      • Doing a pass on height of trees and collision on higher objects for in-game version of the map, for gods with aerial/global abilities
      • Adjustments to rules and visual elements of new objectives
      • Additional balance on starter items
      • Scorpions are scaling health properly
  • Viewer Pass
    • We are actively working to get VP back up before 8.1 and through 8.1, hopefully this will be active again next week.
    • It will be using the new Twitch drop system and be a little unique to this strange intermediate time, before things get set up more permanently in 8.2
    • The Viewer point 75k reset will not happen until 8.2
    • All of 8.1 will have faster 75k skin rotations (weekly)
    • At 8.2 launch
      • Agni Skin Bundle will leave the store – new bundle will be introduced that  you’ll need to buy for the S8 point boosts
      • Valkyries Bride Thor will leave the store, and be replaced with a new skin
      • The Dunk Father Odin will leave the store and be replaced by a new 200k skin,
      • We will return to the normal pace on 75k skin rotations (but new skins will be featured)
      • Other new shop changes to be shown on 8.2 update notes
    • Throughout Season 8
      • Artemis and Raijin will remain and eventually be replaced by new 200k skins

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