SMITE Update 12.12 Out for Yu Huang Hotfix This April 22

smite update 12.12

Hi-Rez Studios has released the SMITE update 12.12 patch today, and this one is for a small bunch of Yu Huang fixes across platforms! Check out the full SMITE April 22 update patch notes below.

SMITE Update 12.12 Patch Notes | SMITE April 22 Update Patch Notes:

  • Fixed Conquest having incorrect Jungle Spawn Timers
  • Fixed Freezy Bot Ymir’s often fails to spawn a wall
  • Yu Huang – A02 canceling still procs polynomicon/Bumba’s Hammer.
  • Yu Huang – A03 – Users are sometimes locked out of auto attacking when dying as they land.
  • Yu Huang – A03 – Can’t pass through player-made collision.

That’s about it for this small patch for SMITE. In case you missed it, here are the other bug fixes released in the last patch for SMITE:

Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where players audio settings would be automatically lowered at unintended times
    • Fixed an issue where PC players were unable to copy/cut/paste text within the game UI
    • Fixed an issue where some players ranked matches were not being properly counted specifically only for god leaderboard progress
    • Fixed an issue where the Welcome Pass would display the incorrect end date for some players
    • Fixed an issue where all 6 Conquest Role Icons looked like the “Fill” Icon
    • Localization
      • Fixed a variety of text issues across the game for the Spanish Language
        • Fixed spacing, spelling, and grammar issues on multiple items
          • Infused Sigil, Warlock’s Staff, Heartseeker, Emperor’s Armor, Staff of Myrddin, Charon’s Coin, Spirit Robe
        • Fixed spacing, spelling, and grammar issues on multiple Gods
          • Serqet, Pele, Bacchus, Ravana, Set, Odin
        • Fixed an issue where Zeus’ Detonate ability would remain in English
    • Custom Games
      • All Pick and  Enemy Pick Options will now work as intended
  • God Builder
    • Fixed an issue where god abilities would show up as undefined/blank text
    • Fixed an issue where the consumable amount variable was not working
    • Fixed an issue where Ratatoskr could not build his acorns through the god builder

Stay tuned here at MP1st for future updates for SMITE and more!

Source: Trello

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