Smite’s $2 Million Dollar Championship Opens This Weekend, Xbox One Beta Sign Ups Arrive

Smite, a popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game for PC with over 5 million players to-date, is launching a $2 million dollar championship this weekend in Atlanta, making it the fourth game to ever offer a prize pool of over a million dollars.

The eight teams, Cognitive Red, Cognitive Prime, OH MY GOD, DID, Name Not Found, We Love Bacon, Titan, and SK Gaming, will battle it out in the third-person alternative MOBA, the winners taking $1 million home. You can buy tickets to watch the championship live here, or watch it on the Smite Twitch channel.

If Smite has caught your eye and you don’t have a PC to play it, you’re in luck. HiRez Studios has you covered, as the Xbox One beta sign ups are now live. All you have to do is submit your email and you may get invited. To sign up, just click here, and follow the directions.

For more Smite news, keep your trousers buckled, unless its no-pants-Friday, and keep an eye on MP1st.

Source: VG247


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