Soccer Story Reveal Trailer Released and Showcases Gameplay Snippets

Soccer Story reveal trailer

The new Soccer Story reveal trailer was just released today. This is a brand new physics-based adventure soccer game that is set in an open-world setting with a strong focus on its narrative.

The new game will allow players to play the role of The Savior of Soccer, as they will be tasked with saving the future of the sport and bringing harmony to its world.

The soccer story reveal trailer also showcases glimpses of the game’s open world, in-game soccer matches, training fields, and more. The game is also promised to have 15+ hours of gameplay with numerous main quests, side missions, and events.

Here is a short description of the game according to the reveal trailer:

It’s time to head out and kick that ball all over the place, solving puzzles and problems that require a good smash with a soccer ball. Along the way, you’ll need to best bad guys in 1v1s, compete in a range of different sports (with your soccer ball, of course), and sometimes use your brain just as much as your balls

For those looking for game modes to share with friends, the game will feature a four-player local multiplayer mode with a full roster of teams and animal captains.

Soccer Story will launch later this year across PC, Xbox Game Pass, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Google Stadia. Players can now sign-up for the game’s beta on its official website.

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