Someone Just Made the Original DOOM Playable on a LEGO Brick

doom lego

For all the DOOM fans out there, it now appears that you can play the original DOOM on a LEGO brick! In the past, we’ve seen people running DOOMon all sorts of gadgets such as toasters and refridgerators, but on something as small as a LEGO brick? Yeah, not so much.

This miniature gaming device was crafted by James Brown — a person from New Zealand who’s just “making things” (his words not ours).

The Twitter thread goes on to show how James played DOOMon it, though the experience seems to be far from ideal. James reiterated the same and highlighted that this was attributed to the small screen.

He further indicated that the tiny screen only had a 72×40 resolution, which was way below par. To counter this, an adaptive histogram equalization is required, as it will help flatten the dynamic range as well as add some noise. 

On the thread, Lewis Gerschwitz also inquired from James: “have you considered putting something like this in a Mechanical Keyboard Keycap? Be harder to power than the brick but I think it could look incredible.” He said that it was something that he was currently working on. This means that there are still more avenues to explore as far as playing this entry is concerned.

Source: James Brown (Twitter)

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