Someone Spent Almost $1000 in Black Ops 4 Black Market to Reach Max Tier, Wields Only One Weapon Variant

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Much has been said already about the community regarding Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Black Market tiers, and how hard it is to reach the max tier of 200 just by playing. While the Black Market tier is set at 200, it seems you can go beyond that if you spend actual money via Blackjack’s in-game shop.

Someone did just that. YouTuber/gamer MatMicMar spent the max amount of money one can spend on COD Points, which is $1,000, to unlock everything he can. While the each tier offers stickers, emotes, calling cards and other stuff as rewards, the big draw here are the weapon variants that offer unique looks to existing guns in the game. Unfortunately though, he only got one (!) weapon variant for spending a ton of money, which is insane if you think about it. MatMicMar mentions that he even got the “Boombox” variant four times. He did get a message though, which is the image you see above congratulating him on his conquest.


He mentions how he can technically still progress though it’ll only wield duplicates.

Word has gotten around about this and various YouTubers like PrestigeIsKey has even called out Treyarch and Activision about it:

Given Activision has publicly mentioned how the publisher earns over $4 billion dollars a year on microtransactions alone, one would expect they’d be a little less forgiving on these things, no?  Of course, these are just cosmetic items, which don’t mean much to some, but to others, it does.

Do you think Activision and Treyarch should fix how tiers and rewards work in the Black Market or should they leave it as is since it’s just cosmetic items anyway?

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12 thoughts on “Someone Spent Almost $1000 in Black Ops 4 Black Market to Reach Max Tier, Wields Only One Weapon Variant

  1. if gaming continues down this path, im gonna just be a retro guy…the rest of ya can enjoy its modern flavor on your own.

    1. Down what path? The path where idiots spend money in games?

      Nobody forced this guy to do this. In fact, he just showed everyone how dumb it is. If anything this is a good thing.

      1. the path, of society wanting to preach social justice inserting that garbage into games. the path were all they do is monetize every little thing. I know he didn’t do anything other than show how dumb it was to buy into it…you may not have realized but we agree my man. I’m sorry this dude had to spend so much loot to just make a point.

  2. comment edited, because the moderator will never publish my comment about the raspberry pi 3 emulation

  3. Yes they should change the Tiers. This should be a Criminal Offense to charge $1000 for what is essentially USELESS CRAP. I hope some Attorney is listening & sue’s the shit outta Craptivision, that way they’ll be CRAP FREE & a REPUTABLE COMPANY AGAIN SOMEDAY.

    1. They aren’t charging that though. Some moron just decided he wanted to spend that much and did.

  4. Well when you have idiots doing this, it’ll only encourage this behavior by publishers. Even if it’s a test, they still got $1000 out of this. This is sad.

  5. I mean this is kinda good news considering spending 1000 bucks yields zero advantages

    also not many are going to spend this amount of money , the guy who did it is a youtuber he got his money back most likely , its his job to produce video game content , so its like a tax write off lol

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