Sonic Frontiers Limited Edition Includes Waterproof Mega Drive, Game Gear, & Rubber Duck

sonic frontier limited edition

SEGA has just announced an exciting promotion that’s perfect for beating the summer heat, with a very special Sonic Frontiers Limited Edition collection! The collection has everything you need and more to play the game at the beach or pool of your choice, including:

  • a bathtub
  • a silk towel
  • a waterproof Mega Drive
  • a Game Gear
  • a rubber duck

In case that weird mix of collectibles isn’t enough to tip you off, this one is just SEGA’s prank for April Fool’s Day, as it is officially April 1 in Japan today. While a waterproof Mega Drive sounds incredibly appealing as long as you can use a modern, waterproof screen, it is but a silly joke meant to invoke the spirit of April 1st.

That said, SEGA did go all out for this prank for Sonic Frontiers limited edition, as they have dedicated a special website for it which you can check out for yourself. Below are some of the descriptions of the items included (translated roughly through Google Translate):

  • Luxury bathtub-Sonic Team handmade- – Developed a bathtub to deliver the warmth of warm water to the tiredness of adventure. It is a discerning dish that is handmade in a secret workshop at night, using plenty of good wood from the Starfall Islands.
  • Silk washcloth – A silk washcloth that gently wipes your wet body. The store manager of “Sonic Speed ​​Red Lantern” also wears it on his head every day.
  • Mega drive (for bath) – The 16 BIT demanded by the times has been tuned for the bath. With waterproofing, you can play the Megadora title anytime, anywhere in the bath. * Software is sold separately.
  • Game gear – A reprint of the legendary handheld game console that once dominated all at once. Operates on 6 AA alkaline batteries as at that time. * Software is sold separately. * Cannot be used in the bath.
  • Duck toys – Speaking of baths, duck toys. If you put it in hot water, it will become huge. Sonic, who is not good at swimming, can rest assured if he rides a duck.

Sonic Frontiers is arriving on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC in late 2022.

Source: Sonic Sega JP

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