Spellbreak Battle Royale Game Announced for 2020

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As part of Sony’s State of Play, the company announced a new multiplayer game to kick things off, and it’s called Spellbreak. There’s gameplay shown for Spellbreak battle royale, and it looks to mix RPG elements with third-person action gameplay with battle royale mechanics.

Check out the Spellbreak gameplay below.

As you can see, magic powers and abilities are in effect here compared to your traditional battle royale game that uses guns and the like.

No firm release date has been given so far, but it does mention that closed beta is hitting in Spring 2020, and that a PS4 Founder’s Pack is required for the closed beta, which suggests this might be a free-to-play (F2P) title.

In development by Proletariat, once we know more about Spellbreak, we’ll let our readers know.