Spellbreak Next Update Release Date Set for October 22

Spellbreak Update 4.01

The Spellbreak next update release date has been announced, and it’s for October 22! Players can expect with it brand-new modes, rewards, and Halloween themed content.

Dubbed as “Spellbreak Prologue: The Gathering Storm” players can expect this new update to arrive on all platforms on October 22. Seth Sivak, the CEO of Proletariat confirmed in a  press release that The Gathering Storm would represent the start of their their robust plans to delver new content, and a first-look on how they plan on providing story for the game.

The Spellbreak Update will include the following:

  • New Content — Prologue: The Gathering Storm will be free to all players and feature weekly quests with unique rewards

  • Introducing Clash Mode — 9v9 team deathmatch with 3 squads on each team

  • New Talents — Enable players to further customize their playstyle

    • Vigor: Bonus health

    • Ambidextrous: Enables the passive class ability in your offhand gauntlet

    • Foresight: Reveals nearby  players on your minimap and shows future shrines/circles

  • Halloween Content — New Outfits, Artifacts, Cloudbursts, Afterglows, Emotes, and Badges! Just in time for  “Hollowed Eve!”

Additional details on this update via Spellbreak Blog

  • The beginnings of the Chapter system will reunite you with Avira Emberdane, who will help further hone your skills as a battlemage, and earn some tasty cosmetics along the way.

  • Clash, our 9v9 team deathmatch mode, will kick-off during the Prologue. Clash is an excellent way to blow off steam and get into some non-stop Spellbreak combat as you battle another team in a race to a predetermined number of exiles. (It’s also great for completing some of the harder quests!)

  • It’s time for a spooky Holloween (not canon!). Some tricks and treats will be coming to the store.

  • Three new 3-point Talents. Your builds are about to get a lot harder to plan!

  • New (and some reworked) Consumables, including a brand new gameplay-affecting one

For those who haven’t joined the millions yet and are interested in out thoughts, here’s what our reviewer for Spellbreak had to say:

Spellbreak is a fun new take on the BR genre, one that I think will differentiate itself enough away from the big hitters. The early access version that is out is surprisingly polished, and while I did have a fun time with the game, I’m more interested in seeing what they bring down the line for the map and new spells.

Be sure to read the full review of Spellbreak here.

We”ll have the full changelog of this upcoming Spellbreak update once it releases in a couple of weeks.

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