Spelunky 2 Update 1.27 Brings Fixes This September 23

Mossmouth has pushed out Spelunky 2 update 1.27, and this brings a few fixes to the game. This is the second title update for Spelunky 2, as we got one this past September 19 which added crossplay and more. Read up on the complete Spelunky 2 September 23 patch notes below.

Spelunky 2 Update 1.27 Patch Notes | Spelunky 2 September 23 Patch Notes:

Here’s what’s listed via the PS4 version’s update history:

  • * Optimized network clock drifting syncing in non-worst case scenarios.

Here are the rest of the changes made today (via Steam):

  • Cross-play with other platforms will only become available after the other platforms are using v1.27
  • Added back cross-play leaderboard filter.
  • Improved clock syncing to be as unobtrusive as possible (may fail to become unobtrusive very rarely) while still syncing properly 98%+ of the time.

That seems to be it. If there are other changes made that’s not mentioned above, leave a comment below and let us know what you spot.

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