Splitgate Server Capacity Increased, “Significant Announcement” Incoming at gamescom

splitgate server capacity

With Splitgate just dominating the free-to-player charts, developer 1047 Games has announced that it has increased the Splitgate server capacity to accommodate the exploding player base. In a press release sent out, the studio has also marked this month’s gamescom as the event where a “significant announcement” regarding the game will be made.

According to 1047 Games, Splitgate will remain in open beta for the “foreseeable future” as the game has now seen more than 10 million players in its first 30 days of being in open beta! Regarding the servers, the devs are making updates to the game’s framework daily, as Splitgate has hopped up from its inital 4,000 concurrent player count, to now more than 175,000 concurrent players!

1047 Games also has several content updates for fans throughout the year, which includes the recently-released Ranked Duos mode.

Ian Proulx, CEO and co-founder of 1047 Games, had this to say:

The fan support has been incredible as we work to improve the player experience. We never dreamed of having to scale this big this quickly, and as a result we have had to overcome challenges to keep up with player demand. We met several major milestones in a short time, creating a stable platform where fans can expect to find a server to play on relatively quickly, and I’m proud of what our team has accomplished – but there’s a lot more to come!

In looking at the issues facing the scalability of the game’s backend, the process includes far more than simply dealing with server capacity. We are focused on keeping the game stable for fans, and iterating on the game’s concurrent capacity in order to minimize player wait times. We want to do this the right way, and we want to be prepared for massive scale when we officially launch, all the while continuing to improve the beta with frequent updates, additional features, and improvements to server capacity.

Once we get wind of Splitgate’s next title update or new content, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

Gamescom 2021 begins this August 26, and you can bet MP1st will be covering the event, so stay tuned.

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