Splitgate Stats for 2021 Revealed; Over 15 Million Downloads Reported

splitgate stats

It has been a very good year indeed for the developers at 1047 Games, and to show it all off they have revealed the Splitgate stats for 2021 as the end of the year draws near. The free-to-play multiplayer shooter has proven to be popular across platforms, and you can see just how much with the incredible rundown of numbers below.

Splitgate Stats for 2021

splitgate stats

  • Over 15 million downloads
  • Cross-play and cross-gen on consoles
  • Top trending free to play game on Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation
  • Launched Splitage Pro Series with total prize pool of $100K
  • 6,167 years in time played
  • 6,256,001,828 enemies fragged in total
  • 108,042,975,502 shots fired in total
  • Total headshot accuracy of 4.39 percent
  • 7,626,832,327 portals spawned in total
  • 163,011,470,780 meters in total distance traveled with portals (equal to 3x the distance between Earth and Mars)
  • 2,384,575 portal kills in total

There you have it. It’s very interesting to see the discrepancy between the portals spawned versus portal kills in total, which just shows how difficult it is to frag someone from portals.

Have you contributed to these stats for Splitgate? Let us know in the comments below, and head over to our Splitgate archives for more!

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