Star Wars Battlefront II (2005) Nominated for “Better Than the Remake” Steam Award by Reddit Community

The magic of the internet is that when you’re on a path of hate, your disdain can spread to others faster than Mustafar fire on a legless Anakin Skywalker. Because of that disdain, Star Wars Battlefront II, the one that released over a decade ago, is being nominated on Steam for a “Better Than The Remake” award.

If you’re not familiar with Steam Awards, the yearly event allows users to nominate their favorite games for various awards and if they don’t see a category for their game, they are given the ability to write in an award. In this case, the Battlefront subreddit has decided on the “Better Than The Remake” award.

As it stands in the subreddit, many subscribers who comment are not happy with the game, with plenty of posts dogging on the game and publisher EA, such as asking for EA to stop releasing unfinished games, and even a petition asking Disney to revoke their publishing and development license as to not “completely ruin Star Wars games.”

If you’d like to vote for the 2005 Battlefront II to win the award, just head to the Steam page and click on the nominate button, and choose the write in option.

Source: Reddit

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