Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order From Respawn Will Be Revealed This April 13

jedi fallen order update 1.08

With Respawn Entertainment hitting it big with Apex Legends, there’s no doubt a lot of eyes on the studio to see what’s next in terms of AAA gaming experiences. Gamers won’t need to wait too long for that, as the Star Wars Jedi Fall Order reveal has now been dated for April 13!

This surprise was revealed by the official EA Star Wars Twitter page, which tweeted the following:

Given how these things are, chances are we’ll see a livestream of some sort take place for non-attendees. I mean, Jedi Fallen Order is easily one of EA’s biggest games of the year, and you can bet your sweet ass they’ll market it a lot.

Note that Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is a single-player game, but there’s no confirmation that it won’t have multiplayer just yet, so we’re covering it here on MP1st for the time being.

What do you want to see from the Star Wars Jed Fallen Order reveal? Let’s hope there’s actual gameplay in it.

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