StarCraft II Pays Tribute to TotalBiscuit With a Commemorative Bundle

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While video games are almost always about fun and good times, it’s important to remind ourselves that behind the people that make the games, and the people who create content for ’em, all lead personal lives, and not everything that happens is good.

One such unfortunate thing is the passing of John “TotalBiscuit: Bain. In case you didn’t know, Bain succumbed to cancer earlier this year. While he might be creating content anymore, Bain is still affecting games one way or the other, and in this case, it’s with Blizzard’s StarCraft II. Bain has been known for his love of StarCraft, and it’s now time for Blizzard to pay him back. In appreciation for his contributions to the game, its community, and more, Blizzard has announced the StarCraft II commemorative cosmetics dedicated to Bain and his family! What’s even better here is, 100 percent of the funds received from the sale of these items will go directly to Genna (Bain’s wife) and their son, Orion.

Additionally, any future sales of John’s Announcer Pack will also go directly to support the Bain family. This TotalBiscuit bundle for the game will be available this week, and is a limited time offer. Once it sells out after December 31, 2018, it will no longer be available.

This is definitely a fantastic move by Blizzard, and it shows how games and their developers can have a positive impact on someone’s life, even if they’ve passed.

Source: StarCraft II