Starhawk Public BETA Update 1.2.2 Full Patch Notes

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Starhawk Public Beta Update 1.2.2 is now live. Here are the official patch notes:

  • Homing Missiles and Swarm Lasers now begin homing far more quickly.
  • All 4 speeds have been greatly increased for Normal & Advanced flight modes.
  • Advanced flight afterburner now requires a double-tap of R2.
  • Advanced flight now has high-engine speed on press-and-hold of R2.
  • Afterburner speed for Arcade mode has been reduced slightly.
  • Increased Swarm Laser targeting range & reticle box.
  • Hawk Flare cool-down time has been lengthened.
  • Hawks now decelerate far more quickly when transforming from flight to mech mode.
  • Lowered the Hawk Mech stomp attack camera.
  • Camera in Arcade flight mode has been pulled a bit further back.
  • Missile Scrub values for “canned” dodges have been slightly increased.
  • Hawk off-screen target tracking time has been increased slightly.
  • Sniper Rifle aim assist while scoped has been increased slightly.
  • Increased firing time for Razorback turret before over-heat.

You can find a thorough explanation provided by LightBox Interaction on the reasons behind some of these changes over on their blog.

Starhawk is set to release May 8th of this year.