Starhawk Public BETA Update 1.2.2 Full Patch Notes

Starhawk Public Beta Update 1.2.2 is now live. Here are the official patch notes:

  • Homing Missiles and Swarm Lasers now begin homing far more quickly.
  • All 4 speeds have been greatly increased for Normal & Advanced flight modes.
  • Advanced flight afterburner now requires a double-tap of R2.
  • Advanced flight now has high-engine speed on press-and-hold of R2.
  • Afterburner speed for Arcade mode has been reduced slightly.
  • Increased Swarm Laser targeting range & reticle box.
  • Hawk Flare cool-down time has been lengthened.
  • Hawks now decelerate far more quickly when transforming from flight to mech mode.
  • Lowered the Hawk Mech stomp attack camera.
  • Camera in Arcade flight mode has been pulled a bit further back.
  • Missile Scrub values for “canned” dodges have been slightly increased.
  • Hawk off-screen target tracking time has been increased slightly.
  • Sniper Rifle aim assist while scoped has been increased slightly.
  • Increased firing time for Razorback turret before over-heat.

You can find a thorough explanation provided by LightBox Interaction on the reasons behind some of these changes over on their blog.

Starhawk is set to release May 8th of this year.

James Lara

A gamer at heart, James has been working for MP1st for the last decade to do exactly what he loves, writing about video games and having fun doing it. Growing up in the 90's gaming has been in his DNA since the days of NES. One day he hopes to develop his own game.

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