Steam Game Trials Launched, Dead Space Remake 90-Minute Demo Out Now

steam game trial

Steam has seemingly introduced a new feature to its store in the form of free game trials, with the Dead Space remake the first game to be available through this offer. The Steam free trial will give players unrestricted access to all of the game’s features for 90 minutes, after which you’ll need to buy the game in order to play more of it.

The free trial now appears on the game’s store page, as shown below:

Based on how the trial is presented, it’s likely that more games will offer free trials in the future, though the Dead Space remake seems to be the only one available through this feature at the moment. While 90 minutes may not seem like a whole lot of time to some players, it’s worth mentioning that the current world record for the fastest completion time is at 1 hour and 44 minutes as of writing, so it may be possible (albeit extremely challenging) for someone to finish the game before the trial expires.

It’s worth mentioning that Steam does not mention whether or not your progress in the trial carries over when buying and playing the full game. One user, who replied to the Steam announcement post, claimed that it does, but with no substantial proof, we can’t verify that. Keep that in mind if you do plan on playing the trial.

The Dead Space remake is a great debut game for Steam’s new game trial feature, as the game even got a 9.5/10 score in our review where we said, “Motive has resurrected the franchise and with style! Dead Space 2023 is a fantastic way to start the year for horror fans, and is one indoctrination worth experiencing.”

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