Stellaris Update 7.01 Ushers in Gameplay Fixes This March 23

Paradox Development has deployed Stellaris update 7.01 for the console versions, and this ushers in a short list of gameplay-related tweaks and fixes! Check out everything new in the official Stellaris Console Edition March 23 patch notes straight from the studio!

Stellaris Update 7.01 Patch Notes | Stellaris Console Edition March 23 Patch Notes:

  • Fixed crash when reordering planets in the Expansion Planner by number of districts.
  • Anomalies will now correctly display their name instead of “Anomaly”.
  • Special characters no longer show as squares when the game is in Japanese.
  • Fleets now show their ETA’s when given a move order.
  • Entering string ID as ship prefix in empire creator no longer displays the contents of that string.

Outside of today’s patch, Paradox also shared what the dev team is doing after the First Contact content!  Watch it below or you can read more about it here.

Source: Paradox Plaza forums

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