Streets of Rage 4 “Big Balance Patch” Being Worked On, Devs Comment on Post-Launch Content

New Streets of Rage 4 Update 1.03 September 7

Released at the end of April, studios Dotemu, Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games managed to pull off a successful comeback for SEGA’s Streets of Rage franchise with Streets of Rage 4.

While the game has different modes and incentives for players to come back after finishing it, the devs seems to have something planned post-launch, and one of these is a “big balance patch.” This was revealed by Streets of Rage 4 Guard Crush Games devs, Game Programmer & Designer Cyrille Lagarigue, and  Game Designer Jordi Asensio in an exclusive chat with MP1st.

MP1st: How’s post-launch content looking? Is there a process where you look at the community’s feedback and go based on that, or is there an outlined plan the team has set?

Cyrille Lagarigue: We have had an idea about what sort of content we would want to add for some time now. When developing a game, you always have a lot of things you want to put in, but you have to be reasonable with the project’s scope … Now that the game is out, we’re considering how people play the game and the community’s feedback on social networks and tweaking our plans to steer potential added content toward what it seems people would want the most.

Jordi: I’m listening to feedback from players, and I watch livestreams everyday. We’ll make patches that take most of that feedback into account. We’re already working on a big balance patch as we speak.

Once we know more details regarding this big balance patch and when it’s out, we’ll let our readers know. Stay tuned to our full interview with the Streets of Rage 4 dev team where they talk about the game’s design process and more.

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