SYNCED: Off-Planet Not Exactly Battle Royale, Will Offer Seasonal Content

SYNCED: Off-Planet battle royale

NExT Studio’s SYNCED: Off-Planet was one of the standout gamescom titles presented on Opening Night Live, and it left a lot of questions to be answered in a deeper dive for the game during gamescom Day 2. With the almost 30-minute livestream now concluded, here are some of the takeaways we got from the SYNCED: Off-Planet gamescom showcase.

It is a battle royale – sort of

SYNCED: Off-Planet has PvP, PvE, and PvPvE components, in addition to having a battle royale – but those do not make up a single mode for the game. Rather, it has different modes. According to community members that spoke in the showcase as well as some shrewd Discord members on the official SYNCED: Off-Planet server, the game will have different game modes for players looking for different experiences.

There are seasonal content within the game

Like any other battle royale title or game with live service content, SYNCED: Off-Planet will include different seasons that showcase new cosmetics for players to enjoy.

The game’s alpha date is set for September 3 for APAC players

As reflected in our earlier, updated article, SYNCED: Off-Planet will have its first phase of alpha testing this September 3, but their PR has confirmed with us that this is only for players in the APAC region. There will be a separate Alpha testing for North American players on September 17. We will update our earlier post (and this one, too) if something changes with regards to SYNCED: Off-Planet’s alpha release date.

SYNCED: Off-Planet is set to be released on Steam and other PC platforms sometime in 2022.

Source: SYNCED Discord Server

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