Syphon Filter Dark Mirror Update 1.02 Adds Right Stick Aiming Functionality

Sony has rolled out Syphon Filter Dark Mirror update 1.02, and this one adds a very important feature into the game, and that’s implementing right analog stick functionality to the game!

Syphon Filter Dark Mirror Update 1.02 Patch Notes:

The PS4 update history states the following:

  • Added Right Stick functionality.

That’s about it. We’re not expecting any gameplay-related changes to be made outside of that given the game’s age and all. Of course, the addition of being able to aim using the right stick is a game-changer. Back then, gamers were forced to use the L1 and R1 buttons to change where their character was aiming, which was quite cumbersome (speaking from experience).

For reference, Syphon Filter Dark Mirror was originally released on the PlayStation Portable (PS) back in 2006, before it was re-released on the PS2 a year later. It’s now available as part of the premium PlayStation Plus, or you can buy it separately for $9.99 on the PlayStation Store.

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