Techland: Dying Light 2 Has “Zero” Chance to Be Delayed Again

Dying Light 2 Upcoming Update

While fans were highly skeptical that Dying Light 2 would have made its December release originally, with the date now set two months later for February 2022, many are wondering now if Techland has been given enough time to do what they need to do. Well, as it turns out they have as the lead game designer tells us with great confidence that Dying Light 2 is definitely making its February 4, 2022 launch.

As part of an interview conducted last week at a press event, we sat down with Lead Game designer at Techland, Tymon Smektala, to see how confident the team is in making the next release window. It seems the team is very confident, as Smektala has said that there is “zero” chance the game is delayed yet again.

MP1st: Let’s talk about the delay. It came as a surprise to a lot of people given how long the game has been in production, but I think everyone was pretty understanding given what the past two years have been. What do you think at this point the chances are of another delay or do you think that there’s any chance that-

Tymon Smektala: ZERO.

MP1st: Zero?!?

Tymon Smektala: Yes. The game is going to be released next year in February, and that’s what we’ve focused on, that’s what we’ve worked on. So absolutely zero chance of that happening.

As you said, there was a couple of reasons for the fact that we delayed the game. Of course COVID was one of the factors, but I don’t want to put the blame on COVID because all of us had to go through it, and all of us had to face some struggle and new challenges because of the pandemic.

I think the most important reason for us is that when you work on a non-linear game, and you want to polish that, your actually not polishing one game, but few games at the same time. Because the same game can have so many variants, and some of those variants can be so drastically different that you have to verify every playthrough, not just 1000 times, but 1000 times multiplied by the number of variations in the game. So this is the reason for the delay, and also this is our baby. This is our IP. The Dying Light IP is owned by our studio. So we just knew that we couldn’t release the game if it’s not ready to release.

Another reason for that, why we were looking and why we decided to post-pone the release to find the quality is that Dying Light 1 was such a success. Not because of what the media was saying, but because of how players accepted, and liked, and loved the game. I think we have one of the most active and vocal community out there, and to be honest the pressure is way higher than it was with the first game because we understand we cannot disappoint those guys. I know that hearing about the delay is disappointing, but I think it’s better than getting a game which wasn’t meant to be released in the first place, that wasn’t ready to be release.

Well, we certainly love that mindset, and hopefully come the February the game is exactly where the team wants it to be. Stay tuned for more juicy Dying Light 2 news from our interview this week! In the meantime, go check out over 15 minutes of gameplay we captured during the event, as well as our hands-on impressions.

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