Tekken 7 Update 2.01 Punches Out, Is a Quick but “Critical” Update

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While Tekken 7 players might have downloaded the big content and gameplay additions drop a few days ago, it seems Bandai Namco has released Tekken 7 update 2.01 just now!

Given how robust the last patch was, it’s to be expected that this Tekken 7 update 2.01 file doesn’t really add anything in terms of actual gameplay, but according to franchise producer Katsuhiro Harada, it’s a “critical issue fix patch,” and it will remedy some of the Arts/Control issues that are not designed properly.

Remember that the update time differs by platform and region, so don’t blame Bandai Namco if it isn’t live on your platform just yet.

Go check out the official Bandai Namco site for the full gameplay tweaks for each character (this was from update 2.00). Once we know more about this game update, we’ll update the post.

If you notice any big changes out of the gate that wasn’t in the big 2.00 update, let us know in the comments.