Tekken 7 Update Today Now Live, Here Are the Gameplay Changes in Patch 3.20

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Those looking forward to gameplay changes in Tekken 7, rejoice — though don’t be too happy just yet. Bandai Namco Entertainment has rolled out a Tekken 7 update today, and it’s full of gameplay changes, but not probably not the one you’re looking for. The Tekken 7 update 3.20 patch notes can be seen below, but for those hoping for a LeRoy nerf, yeah, you’ll have to wait.

Tekken 7 update today patch notes (Tekken 7 update 3.20) – January 28, 2020:

  • New feature called “My Replay & Tips” which will enable players to watch replays of their matches and receive tips for how to improve their performance.

  • Gameplay balance adjustments

tekken 7 update 3.20

If you’re not happy or content with Leroy’s changes, Tekken 7 Producer Michael Murray revealed that the gameplay changes were planned before EVO Japan.

Like some ppl have guessed, these patch notes were planned way before EVO Japan and are just the first round of changes. More on the way. Honestly a more thorough patch was planned with Fahkumram but

@Harada_TEKKEN and I are trying to speed it up.
Let’s hope that the character balancing complaints are being heard, and will be adjusted accordingly. That said, at least Bandai Namco has been transparent. Hopefully, it won’t take them a month to release another balance patch for the new fighters.
Source: Reddit