Tencent Patents “PC Video Game Console,” Hardware Images Revealed

tencent video game console

Do you have room for more gaming devices in your life? It appears multi-billion corporation Tencent might be eyeing to enter the hardware video game market, as the company has obtained a patent for a “PC video game console” today.

The console itself looks like a Nintendo Switch hybrid though running on Windows platform.

Note that gaming handhelds and even home consoles that run Windows and Android is nothing new. But given this is Tencent, which has war chest that could rival Microsoft, and has its hands in a lot of video game companies, it’s definitely worth noticing. Tencent is also the distributor for the Nintendo Switch in China, so take from that what you will.

Also, Tencent filing a patent for this doesn’t mean we’ll see this come out with 100% certainty. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised to see one.

Thanks, ZhugeEX!

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2 years ago

Anyone else remember the Dell Alienware Concept UFO?

I’m waiting to hear more about that from Dell. It’ll be like a Nintendo Switch except NOT shitty. (Not to mention… Native Steam on a mobile device, obviously.)

Reply to  CyrylTheWolf
2 years ago

You won’t be hearing more about it, Dell gave up on the concept when they realized the price customers expected to pay for the handheld was about one third of what they intended to charge for it. People expected prices similar to a switch but the price for a handheld PC with good hardware is somewhere around the 800-1000 USD ballpark.

So look for the gpd win 3 or aya neo if you’re interested.

Reply to  Dirca
2 years ago

Welll… That’s shitty. 😛

I’ve been watching the Aya, though. Not sure I’ve seen whatever else you mentioned, though.

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