The Callisto Protocol Will Have an Achievement/Trophy for Experiencing Every Possible Death

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Striking Distance Studios developer has revealed the upcoming The Callisto Protocol game will have an achievement (or trophy for PlayStation gamers) that will require the player to experience every single death possible during the entirety of the game.

Developer Mark James revealed this new information in an interview with IGN Japan. He revealed the team is currently working on the achievements and trophies of the game, and that the playtime of it will actually depend on how much each player will die.

“We’re working on our achievements and trophies at the moment, and we actually have an achievement in there for seeing all of the deaths,” he said. “You are gonna die in our game. A lot of people ask how long the game is, and it’s like, how many times are you going to die? Also, the variables are huge in the way they attack you or you attack them, so you might actually die more or less. Even things like backing into a fan, it’s a mistake and it will result in a death, you’ll have to do that section again.”

James also revealed that the studio has intentionally included a death scene towards the end of each trailer. This is intended to inform the players that dying in this game is intended as a punishment, it is simply a way to allow the players to learn what they did wrong.

James finally declined to reveal the number of ways from which players could die in The Callisto Protocol. He simply implied that this achievement will require hard work.

Source: IGN

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