The Division 2 Blue Screen PS4 Bug Being Investigated by Ubisoft

The Division 2 Update 1.37

If you’re a The Division 2 player on PS4, and you’re experiencing crashes, then here’s your chance to offer feedback Ubisoft has acknowledged that there is a The Division 2 blue screen PS4 bug happening now, and the dev team is asking the community for feedback.


We are investigating Bluescreens happening to players on PS4.

So far we have had reports of it happening on Heroic Main Missions, and some have reported it happening frequently in The Tomb Main mission on Heroic.

We would like to ask your help to investigate and ask you to forward details of the following:

  • Are those crashes occurring in any other situations?
    • What activity are you doing when it happens?
    • Is it always at a specific time, specific mission, specific action?
  • Your PlayStation model (older /newer).

//The Division Team

Hopefully, PS4 gamers will get a patch or hotfix for this The Division 2 blue screen PS4 bug soon. If this is happening to you, share your feedback on the official The Division 2 subreddit.

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