The Division 2 New Game Mode Coming “Late 2021” With Season Re-Runs Planned Before Its Release

The Division 2 Update 1.43

While Ubisoft has announced that new content is coming to The Division 2 this year, it looks like that new content will take its time before it’s available. Massive Entertainment has announced that a The Division 2 new game mode is planned for the game, though it’s set for release in “late 2021.”

Before we dive into the dev’s explanation on what’s coming down the pipeline and whatnot, Massive Entertainment shared some encouraging data about the game:

In a new development update by the studio, the devs shared that while the new content is being developed, the “cadence for the coming months” for the game will consist of season re-runs.


As announced a few weeks back, we have begun work on new content for The Division 2. The development of this content will be led by a group of project veterans at Ubisoft Massive. This will see Adrian Trasca and Yannick Banchereau staying at the helm of the project as producer and associate creative director. We are also excited to announce that the new content will be made with the support of a talented group of developers at Ubisoft Bucharest.

In the next major update, we are looking to bring a game mode that is entirely new to the franchise. Along with the game mode, we are investigating new ways to progress your agent with an emphasis on increasing build variety and viability. We will be revealing more about what lies ahead as the update gets closer.

The development of this new update is still in its early stages and will take several months to complete. As a result, our next major update is currently scheduled for release late 2021 at the earliest. We will be taking this time to make sure we bring a meaningful change to the game.


While we’re hard at work on the next content update, we will re-run previous seasons released during Year 2. In other words, the next season (Season 5) will be a re-run of Season 1, giving you the chance to collect rewards and collectibles that you might have missed out on. This also means there will be regular Leagues and Global Events for you to participate in. On top of re-running seasons, we will continue to support the game with new Apparel Events and some minor Title Updates focused on game health.

Lastly, remember the State of the Game devstreams? Yeah, we aren’t getting anymore and it seems we now know why! Hamish Bode, the host and one of the “original architects” of the show has taken a new role within Ubisoft. No word on whether a new State of the Game is planned at all, though given there’s no mention if it, chances are, we won’t be getting any — at least for the foreseeable future.

While this might sound like bad news for players of the game, at least we’re getting new content later this year. Once we know more details, we’ll share that to our readers.

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