The Division 2 PS5 and Xbox Series X Ports Not Coming Says Ubisoft

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Just yesterday, we reported that Rainbow Six Siege will be headed to the PS5 and Xbox Series X when the new consoles launch (at least that’s the goal). If you assumed this would be the same case with Ubisoft’s other shooter, The Division 2, you’re sadly, mistaken. There will be no The Division 2 PS5 and Xbox Series X ports.

Ubisoft Massive Associate Creative Director Yannick Banchereau confirmed that there won’t be new versions of The Division 2, stating:

“We are not looking at porting it to new platforms.” 

“What I can tell you is that we are not making a specific version for those for those consoles, we are very much focused on just working on what we have now and making that as good as possible.”

Now this doesn’t mean that The Division 2 won’t be playable on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, as the two new upcoming consoles will have backwards compatibility out of the gate. Just don’t expect new, jazzed up versions of The Division 2 this holiday or beyond.

In other The Division 2 news, Ubisoft has revealed the Warlords of New York expansion hitting the game soon. Read up on that and watch the trailer here.

Are you bummed out by this news or were you expecting it? Heck, does it even matter given backwards compatibility is a thing?

Source: DailyStar