The Division 2 Skyscraper Mode Coming in TU11, Known Issues Listed

The Division 2 Title Update 12 New Weapons

Agents looking for an update on Ubisoft Massive regarding The Division 2, we got that with today’s State of the Game devstream, though it isn’t much. The devs confirmed that The Division 2 Skyscraper mode will be rolled out in Title Update 11 (TU11), and how some changes are coming with it.

Read on for the known issues being addressed, and more. For those not familiar with what the Skyscraper mode is, it’ll something similiar to a horde mode of sorts, though this one will have players progressing through levels with enemies becoming harded on each floor, with the tenth floor acting as a checkpoint of sorts. More info on Skyscraper will be revealed later this month.

The Division 2 Skyscraper and TU11 confirmed changes:


  • There will be a TU11 PTS that is again PC only
  • No specific date as of now

Rainbow Loot

Will be looked into for TU11


Will be added to the game with TU11.

More news about Skyscraper should be released “late August”

Who has access to this game mode will also be clarified when the talk about the game mode itself.


Season Progression

Huntsman Target is unlocked with a double XP event.

Apparel Event is over but you can still buy the remaining keys with Premium Credits.


Known Issues

Bluescreen Issue on PS4

This is still being investigated – no further information about that now.

Iron Horse Issues

  • The explosion attack without warning
  • Negotiators Dilemma problem

They are currently being worked on, more updates will follow

Keener Progression Blocker

This is being worked on with high priority

PS4 no access to the Apparel Event for a Week

This will be looked into and what could be done there.

Raid Leaderboard Times

Some players have strange times and they are looking into that.

Regarding a new content roadmap, sadly, that’s not in the cards right now. Ubisoft Massive did state that they are working on the game and will be able to give players more info soon. For now the confirmed content coming to The Division 2 is Season 3 and Season 4, and the Skysrcaper mode.

Source: Reddit

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