The Division 2 Title Update 10.1 Release Date, Balancing Changes Revealed

The Division 2 Update 1.69

While Ubisoft has given gamers a release window for the next The Division 2 patch (called Title Update 1.01) last week, that changed today. During the latest State of the Game devstream, The Division 2 Tilte Update 10.1 release date has been revealed for July 21.

In addition to that, the balancing changes tied to the patch has been mentioned as well. While this isn’t the complete patch notes list, this is a good indicator of where things are going.

The Division 2 Title Update 10.1 release date and balancing changes:

Release Date

July 21st


This is an in-between patch between TU10 and TU11 and therefore it is not a patch that introduces new content but is more of a bug-fix and balancing patch.

Adjustments / Balancing

Rifle Ammo Capacity Increase

With Title Update 10.1 the Rifles will get an ammo capacity increase

Loadout Swapping & Skill Cooldown

This is fixed and you will be able to switch your loadout even when the Skills are on cooldown.

Revive Hive

  • Reduce the number of charges at level 0 from 4 to 1
  • Reduce the recharge time from 240s to 180s (3min)
  • This way you only need to wait for 3 min to change the Skill and not 16 min.
  • You can still revive yourself or one teammate but not the whole squad with a level 0 Revive Hive
  • You get 1 additional charge per Skill Tier. (7 players on Tier 6)

Foundry Bulwark Gear Set

  • It is a powerful set and overall they are happy with it
  • The 3 Piece Bonus (+3% Armor Regeneration) is a bit too generous in keeping players alive
  • The Foundry Bulwark focuses on using a shield and that is why the 3-piece-bonus is reduced to +1% Armor Regeneration but the shield health is increased by 50% by the 3-piece-bonus
  • So what you lose in self-preservation without a shield, you gain when you use a shield.
  • Also when you have 3 pieces of Foundry Bulwark equipped, you basically gain a Skill Tier for your shield with the 50% shield health bonus.

Forge named holster

  • Currently increases Shield Health by 10%, with TU10.1, it will increase Shield Health by 50%
  • So basically like another Skill Tier for the Shield.
  • This can also be combined with Motherly Love

Booster Hive Changes

  • On live Booster Hive increases Weapon Damage, Weapon Handling, and Melee Damage by 10 – 16% depending on Skill Tier.
  • With TU10.1 the Booster Hive will keep Weapon Handling and Melee Damage but it will lose the Weapon Damage component – it will gain Hazard Protection.
  • Every time the Booster Hive buffs you, you gain – at Skill Tier 0 – 20% Hazard Protection, 20% Weapon Handling and 20% Melee Damage
  • At Skill Tier 6 you gain 60% Hazard Protection, Weapon Handling, and Melee Damage
  • It does not give you immunity and it does not cleanse but it should give the Booster Hive a place on the battlefield.
  • With mods, you get 90% Hazard Protection.
  • This applies to PVP and PVE

Hive Skill Platform

  • Increased drone flight speed for all Skill Variants
  • Will increase more per Skill Tier
  • So all Hive Variants will be more responsive


  • No planned changes for Headhunter

PVP Changes

Assault Rifle Buff

  • Assault Rifle damage will be increased by 9% in PVP
  • This helps to give them enough power to be used in middle ranges

Firestarter Chem Launcher

  • Explosive Damage is lowered by 50% in PVP
  • It was lowered by that high amount because Firestarter ignores cover, you have many charges on high Skill Tier and it does a lot of damage.
  • Sticky Bomb could be an alternative here

Striker Drone

  • 38% damage increase in PVP
  • This way the Drone can keep up with the Turret in terms of damage

All Deployed Skills

  • Will now take four times more damage from hostile players.
  • So this should make it easier to shoot down these skills

Riot Foam Chem Launcher

  • They see requests to nerf the Riot Foam
  • They are hoping the Booster Hive should help with that topic
  • Hazard Protection will lower the time you are stuck in Riot Foam and you can also break out in 1 Second.
  • They are still discussing if the base ensnare duration should be lowered, but there is a mechanic to break out and you don’t have to endure the full ensnare duration.

Loot Changes

Pre-Title Update 10

=> Image

  • Before Title Update 10 bad rolls had high chance and high-quality loot had a low chance to drop
  • That meant that there is a high chance that the loot was bad.
  • This is what they wanted to address with Title Update 10

Title Update 10

=> Image

  • In Title Update 10 they’ve adjusted the drop chances so that there are fewer rolls at the minimum Quality (yellow area), you have better chances to get medium quality (green area) but you have also a lower chance to get maxed out rolls (red area)
  • So while the average loot quality was better (green) when you are really in the min-maxing process (red) you had a lower chance to get the maxed out god-rolls.
  • That was also obvious in level 30 loot.

Title Update 10.1

=> Image

  • With TU 10.1 they’ve increased the minimum-rolls so the overall loot quality will be better.
  • On top of that, there will be a better chance that you get the maxed out rolls.
  • This will also apply to the Dark Zone
  • Rainbow Items are completely random and they can’t control that at the moment, but they are looking at that for Title Update 11.


  • The Caches will also get better loot with TU10.1
  • Field Proficiency and Dark Zone Caches will be on par with heroic tier loot
  • Clan Caches will be between heroic and legendary loot quality

Exotic Drops

  • It has been reported that players often get the Exotic item they are NOT looking for – for example they are looking for the Bighorn in Legendary and get a Pestilence.
  • That is why they moved the random Exotic drops from the boss loot into Exotic Caches that can drop as mission rewards
  • This does not change how many exotics you get, as in the chance of them dropping, but when you see an exotic drop from a boss, it should be the one that you are expecting or the one from targeted loot.


Season 2

Hollywood Global Event

  • Enemies are equipped with special armor that resists against Small Arms damage
  • Most enemies spawn with a yellow shield around them, this reduces all damage while it is active
  • Explosive damage and damage from Signature Weapons strip this field away and deal heavy damage to the enemy
  • Enemies that are killed while the shield is active will drop grenades or Signature Weapon ammo

Phoenix Down Apparel Event

You can earn Keys every 4 Level-Up

Target Luna

=> Image

Luna League

=> Image

Target Huntsman

=> Image

Once Title Update 10.1 is out, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

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