The Division 2 Title Update 11 Loot Changes and Overview Detailed

The Division 2 Title Update 11 loot changes

In this week’s State of the Game, Ubisoft Senior Game Designer Nikki Kuppens and Community Developer Johan Lindholm talked about The Division 2 Title Update 11 loot changes, overview and more. Note that there is still no release date set for Title Update 11.

The Division 2 Title Update 11 loot changes and overview:

  • New PvE mode
  • New gear
  • “Rainbow Loot” fix
  • Agnostic Mods
  • Appearance Mods
  • Season 3
  • Bug Fixes

New Exotic

There will be a new Exotic Crafting Quest that is attached to the new PVE Game Mode.

Bug Fixes

Here are some of the confirmed Bug Fixes that will be added with TU11. The build is currently still being worked on, so just because some issues are not mentioned here, that does not mean, it won’t be fixed once TU11 is final:

  • Gear dyes not working on the Striker gear set.
  • Polycarbonate crafting cost for SMGs being too high in TU10.
  • Inability to fast travel to the Dark Zones while in New York.

(and more)

TU11 – Loot Changes

TU10.1 Feedback

Degrading Loot Quality

  • They saw the community sentiment about “bad loot” and that the loot apparently has been “degrading” since TU10.1 dropped
  • They have made no changes to the power of the items or the systems that they have introduced with TU10.1.

No increase in Rainbow Loot

  • “Rainbow Loot,” or gear whose attributes have mixed colors (red, blue, or yellow, denoting offensive, defensive, or utility attributes), has not worsened or improved between Title Updates, because there has been no weighing of attributes in the loot system until now with TU11.

System Check

  • After the feedback, they’ve checked the system with simulations, but that can only represent the real world situation to a point.
  • Unfortunately there are issues that throw a wrench into the whole “better loot” proposition that should have been introduced with TU10.1. Some of them are presentation, some of them are bugs and some system improvements – like the Rainbow Loot – are still work in progress.

UI Issue

The presentation of an item is only accurate to a point. There is some rounding on stats that only have a few different possible values, like crit chance. The UI may not display this rounding, but this should not affect the actual quality of the loot.

False Difficulty Information

They’ve also identified instances, where the content you are playing feeds the loot-system the wrong difficulty information. For example, when a Heroic Checkpoint resets to normal after completion, you get normal quality loot instead of heroic quality. Bounties are another example that sometimes does not give you the quality it should. They are currently identifying these cases.

Skill Tier Stat impacts overall Item Quality

  • Skill Tier is basically a final stat that is always god-rolled.
  • Under the hood, the rolls of the item is basically done for the all stats and then the Skill Tier Stat just overwrites whatever value was assigned to the Skill Tier Stat.
  • So when it happened that the Skill Tier stat had a very good roll, the other stats could be a lower than they should be. So that could have been one of the reasons why items with Skill Tier were underwhelming.
  • Title Update 11 will exclude Skill Tier from the rolling, and the average power will be distributed across the two remaining stats.

Rainbow Loot Rolls


  • Each Brand has a specific profile and they realized that some of the loot should be tilted more towards that specific profile
  • But they also need to take into account that some items are specifically set up to fit more towards hybrid builds.
  • So the new system should help players that build towards a specific color (red/blue) but also not making it worse for players that are specifically looking for multi-colored rolls.

Situation Now

  • You have one Core Attribute that is defined by the Brand
  • The other two attributes are completely random that have no weighting.
  • You have 4 Stats per color and you can have red, blue, or yellow attributes.

Situation after TU11

First Attribute:

Second Attribute:

  • In the Title Update 11 PTS, the developers will try a new system that will ensure a 100% chance that the first random attribute on a piece of gear is the same color as its core attribute, resulting in a 25% chance that players get the particular attribute they’re looking for within that color.
  • Once the first attribute is set, that attribute is removed from the pool and then the second attribute will still be chosen randomly, with each remaining possible attribute having a 9.1% chance of appearing.
  • These changes only apply to new loot and will not impact the items you have in your inventory.

Named Items

  • Still have their perfect stat
  • The new system depends on where the perfect stat is located.

Gear Sets

  • Since Gear Sets only have one random stat on them, that stat will be (if they stick to 100%) in the same color as the Core Attribute.


Agnostic (Generic) Gear Mod Slots


The change is being implemented to allow for more flexibility in builds, while making it easier to understand whether an item’s mod slot colors are fixed or randomized.

Changes in Title Update 11

  • After Title Update 11, the Gear Mod Slots no longer have a designated color but are just grey.
  • This is retroactive, so all existing gear that you have in the inventory will be changed with TU11
  • If you have recalibrated the Gear Mod Slot, the recal-mark will be removed and the costs are refunded.

Select all Mods

  • When you select a Mod Slot, you get a selection of all the mods

Changes to the Mods

  • The Mods themselves still remain red / yellow / blue
  • The blue resistance Gear Mods will get double values. This will be retroactive
  • There will be two new resistance mods (Ensnare / Confusion) that will be introduced there.

In case you didn’t know, a patch for The Division 2 was released earlier this week that included some fixes.

Once we know more details regarding TU11, and its release date, we’ll let our readers know.

Source: Reddit

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