The Division 2 Title Update 12 Overview and New Content Sneak Peek

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While agents got a The Division 2 patch last month, it looks like the devs are already hard at work on The Division 2’s next update, which is Title Update 12, and it looks to be loaded with new stuff! In this week’s State of the Game, Ubisoft talked about The Division 2 Title Update 12, and gave us an overview of what we’re getting when it’s released!

First off, there is no ETA on when the patch will be released. However, even if that’s not known, Ubisoft has given us an overview of new stuff coming with this major patch. Expect new weapons, new gear, a new Global Event, an Optimization Station, and lots more!

The Division 2 Title Update 12 Overview:

Release Date: Unknown


  • New Weapons
  • New Gear
  • New Brand
  • New Exotics
  • New Global Event
  • Optimization Station
  • Global Event Shop
  • Inventory Size Increase
  • Ability to display the Mask anywhere
  • Picking up Skills
  • Gear Mods Filter
  • The Summit Updates

Optimization Station

The Optimization Station will be a new menu accessible via the Recalibration Station and will require newly introduced resource currencies to operate. With it, you can improve gear Attributes beyond their current rolls to their upper limits.

For a price, you’ll be able to top off attributes to be 100% of their maximum value or bring items up to par. High-end and Exotic weapons and gear as well as Gear Set items are all able to be improved through optimization.




  • The Optimization Station is located at the same NPC as the Recalibration Station.


Slot Selection:

Item Selection:

Stat Selection:

  • Open the Optimization Station
  • Select the Item you want to optimize (that includes Exotics)
  • Select the Stat you want to optimize
  • Each Stat is split up into 10 tiers and each tier has a price.
  • The cost of optimization is discounted based on partial progress to the next tier – so optimizing from 3.7% to 4% is cheaper than 3% to 4%. But 4% to 5% will be more expensive than both.
  • Every attribute of an item can be optimized individually, and each attribute’s cost is based on the tier of optimization.
  • You can combine recalibration and optimization – so recalibrate a bad Stat and optimize the better stats.

Optimization Materials

Every optimization will require a total of 4 different resources to complete. The cost of every optimization increases with every tier:

  • Item-Type Deconstruction Materials (Assault Rifle Alloy etc.)
    • These materials are gained from deconstructing other gear of the same type. Only high-end, Exotic, and Gear Set items will give this material.
    • For example, when you want to optimize pistols, you need to gather pistols, deconstruct them and then you can use these materials to optimize your pistol stats.
  • Control Point/Landmark Materials (Field Recon Data)
    • You can earn these from completing Control Points in the LZ, Landmarks in the DZ (they will always be uncontaminated), and the higher floors of The Summit. The amount yielded per activity scales directly with game difficulty.
  • Faction Materials (True Sons Tactical Assessment etc.)
    • These can be found from enemies of the various factions. The amount of this material that drops also scales directly with difficulty.
  • Project Materials (SHD Calibration)
    • These are materials gained from completing Daily and Weekly projects (PvE and PvP). Weekly Projects will give substantially more materials than Daily Projects.

All optimization materials can also be made separately through the Crafting Bench with standard crafting materials. Blueprints for these materials may be found by completing high-alert-level control points, and by completing certain projects.


There are limitations to what can be optimized, however.

Only level 40 High-end, Gear Set, and Exotic gear and weapons can be optimized. (no mods)

Optimized attributes cannot be recalibrated after beginning the process, so make sure you’re working with what you want to keep. Additionally, optimized stats cannot be added to the Recalibration library. Worn, Standard, Specialized, and Superior cannot be optimized and will not grant item-type materials from being deconstructed.

The Summit Improvements

For TU12 these improvements will be added to The Summit:



Tactical Selection:



  • The Summit Challenges are tasks that you can complete while playing The Summit
  • There are two categories:
    • Tactical Challenges are sort-term goals
    • Ascent Challenges are long-term goals
  • You can only activate 1 Tactical + 1 Ascent challenge at a time
  • These challenges can only be completed once per ascent, once you reach level 100 they reset and you can do them again.
  • This is another way to mix up the gameplay and also get the resources you need for the endgame.
  • They are player-specific and not for the entire group.
  • You can select them on the map.


  • Rewards rotate per Challenge completed:
    • XP (All)
    • Targeted Loot items (interval)
    • Summit Challenge Caches (interval)
      • Optimization & Recal Materials
  • Milestone rewards: (based on completed Challenges)
    • Blueprint + Spec Points (10th, 20th, 30th)
    • New Exotic Assault Rifle (5th)
    • Named Item Cache (20th)
    • Exotic Cache (30th)


With TU12, The Summit got three new Commendations:

Quality of Life Improvements




  • Guaranteed Targeted Loot rewards:
    • For each Checkpoint you unlock you will also be awarded a Targeted Loot item based on your selection and scaled based on the difficulty.
  • The Weekly Summit Project just requires to complete 30 floors
  • New Directive “Ragers” that will be added as a 10th Directive
  • More Objectives to the pool
  • Reduced frequency of the “Drone” Objectives
  • Slightly increased chance of Rogue Encounters on Legendary
  • Reduced cooldown between possible Rogue Encounters

Directive Ragers

Killing an enemy fills the Rage Meter of nearby hostiles. A full Rage Meter makes an enemy “enraged” (which grants overheal). Killing an Enraged enemy removes all the rage from nearby hostiles. Rage depletes over time. An empty Rage Meter makes an Enraged enemy return to normal.

Picking up Skills

  • With TU12 you are able to pick up your deployed Turret
  • When the Turret still has power left, it will be added to the cooldown.
  • So when you miss-place your Turret you can pick it up again and only have a very short cooldown.
  • This might work differently for the different Turret Variants

Always Show Mask

  • When you are on the Masks Slot you can click on options
  • At the bottom, there is a selection “Always Show Mask”
  • Activate that option and it will always display the Mask you have equipped.

Inventory Size Increase

  • With TU12 the inventory size has been increased to 150.
  • The Stash Size will remain the same.

New Mod Filters

  • With TU12 you can filter your mods by
    • Offensive
    • Defensive
    • Utility

Global Event Shop

With TU12 there has been a change in how Global Event rewards work:

  • You can earn stars by completing GE Challenges or leveling up while the Global Event is active.
  • These stars can then be spent in a Global Event shop
  • There you can buy different caches (Crafting Caches / Season Caches / Exotic Caches etc) for a specific amount of stars.
  • Spending Stars in the Global Event Store will not impact your Global Event progression
  • Unspent Stars will be lost when the Global Event ends.

Bighorn Buff

With TU12 the magazine size has been increased from 30-40

And that’s about it! Whew! Don’t forget, this is not the complete patch notes or the complete list of changes and new content coming in The Division Title Update 12!

Once we know more details about it, we’ll let yo know.

Source: Reddit