The Division 2 TU11.1 Release Date Revealed, Here’s What to Expect

The Division 2 Update 1.28 October 20

Following The Division 2’s Title Update 11 (TU11) patch released a few weeks ago, Ubisoft has now revealed The Division 2 TU11.1 release date and what people can expect from it in the latest State of the Game devstream.

Agents can expect Title Update 11.1 to make its way out this October 20 (this is planned, and is subject to change), and will include changes and fixes to The Summit game mode, and more. Head on below for the complete details. Note that this is not the complete patch notes for TU11.1 but rather, an overview of what’s included.

The Division 2 TU11.1 Release Date

Release Date: Planned date is October 20th (if all goes well)

The Summit Update

Main Changes

TU11.1 has the goal to address the feedback that was brought up in the PTS Feedback and also since TU11 launched:

  • The fantasy of climbing from floor 1 to 100 with customized challenges and rewards.
  • The Difficulty
  • The Directives
  • The Targeted Loot

Rally Points are removed

When you launch the Summit after TU11.1 you will no longer get the known Rally Point selection menu.

When you open the elevator, you get a selection if you want to continue your journey to the top or if you want to change the settings.

In this example, you played until floor 34 and had two Directives active. And now you can continue from that floor with these settings or change it to the experience that you want.

With TU11.1 this could be your progression from 1-100 with different team combos and difficulty settings:

=> Progression Example – these are only examples.

Select Difficulty and Directives

When you select “Settings” in the elevator menu, you can change your difficulty and the number of Directives any time you want:


  • Here you can select the difficulty you want to play on (normal – legendary)
  • When you enter the elevator you will continue your journey on the next floor with the new difficulty.


  • You can now select the Directives that should be active.
  • In the Summit you can select all Directives that have been added to the game so far.
  • If you really want to challenge yourself, you can play on legendary difficulty with a total of 9 Directives.

Directives increase Targeted Loot Drop Chance

To give you more incentives to use the Directives, they further increase the chance to get targeted loot. This applies to the whole game, not just the Summit.

  • The difficulty you select defines the chance of how much targeted loot you get.
  • Legendary difficulty has of course the highest chance – normal has the lowest.
  • But you can further increase that chance by adding Directives that add a bonus to what you would get on the selected difficulty.
    • For example – hard difficulty with 1 Directive has a lower chance than challenging difficulty.
    • When you add more Directives to that, you could play on hard, but you have the challenging difficulty Targeted Loot drop chance.
  • The highest chance is:
    • Legendary + 9 directives = targeted loot chance of legendary + (directive targeted loot chance bonus * 9)
  • This should give you a motivation to work with these directives.
  • While the Targeted Loot chance modifier applies to the whole game and not just the Summit, you can only select 9 directives in the Summit. The rest of the game has the established 5 Directives.

Threat Scaling

While you can select one difficulty setting for the entire 100 floors of the summit, there is a difficulty scaling as you climb the tower.

As shown in the image, the number of mini-bosses you encounter on the boss-floors will increase the higher you get. For example, on Level 70 you have two bosses and so on.

Targeted Loot Selection

When you look at the map of The Summit you see the active Targeted Loot and at the bottom “Targeted Loot Selection”.

In this menu you can select what Targeted Loot you are looking for:

  • Weapon Archetype
  • Gear Slot
  • Gear Mod
  • Skill Mod
  • Brand Set
  • Gear Set

You can change this any time you want.

With that and the added Targeted Loot chance from the Directives, you not only can customize what Targeted Loot you want but also actively change the chance. This should give you a very effective way to farm what you need in The Summit.

  • This selection applies to your personal loot and can be different for each player in a group.
  • The session host does not enforce the Targeted Loot on the entire group.

Weekly Project

There is a new weekly project that you can complete in The Summit. You can complete it in any difficulty you want.

The project rewards

  • Exotic cache
  • Blueprints (if you have any missing blueprint)
  • Specialization Points (if you still need)

Ridgeway’s Pride Exotic

They’ve seen the feedback, that it is not as desirable as it should be, and because if that it was buffed:

  • Range is now 15m (from 10m)
  • The Repair Rate was also buffed across the board.

The Quest now only requires neutralizing 2 Hunters / Rogues and the items drop based on the floor numbers.

Additional Improvements

  • More Objectives
  • Quicker laptop interact animation (also the NPC spawn is adjusted)
  • Holding SHD Crates is more beneficial (when you control the SHD Crates, you get faster skill spawns and it deploys better skills – it stays the same as it was pre TU11.1 when it is hostile)
  • New UI notifications about Exotic fireteams, Bosses, etc.

Summit Fixes

These issues will be fixed with TU 11.1

  • Loot crates reset (if encountered again)
  • Select Matchmake without reloading
  • Mega-Map has correct tabs (Project / Manhunt / SHD)
  • Various UI & Map fixes
  • Improved loot from final 100th-floor enemy

Targeted Loot Change

These are the Targeted Loot changes that apply to the entire game:

  • Higher Targeted Loot chance through active Directives
  • Individual Gear Set allocation. (So you will encounter True Patriot as Targeted Loot on a mission and not just “Gear Set”)

TU11.1 Bug Fixes

  • The Firewall bug in Conflict will be addressed.

Same as before, once we have the official patch notes, and once the title update is live, we’ll let our readers know ASAP.

Source: Reddit

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2 years ago

not sure i understand the new quest for the exotic chest. Do you no longer need to acquire the gems and reach level 100 to get the project or has it been nerf to only have to kill 2 hunters or rogues in order to get the project?

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