The Division 2 Upcoming Changes Being Considered Listed

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As part of this week’s The Divisio 2 State of the Game, Ubisoft Massive has listed down some of The Division 2 upcoming changes that are beig considered by the studio. Note that these items have no specific date when theyll be fixed, or if they will be fixed at all.

Negotiator’s Dilemma – future changes

Balancing changes to the Negotiator’s Dilemma gear set in PVP:

This is what is sketched out now:

  • Blowback talent will be changed – the Grenades will no longer explode instantly
  • The Grenade will get a fuse timer of 2 seconds.
  • The UI will get a notification when the grenade is launched
  • This way you can dodge the grenade because you see it coming and you have also time to react because the grenade has always a 2-second timer until it explodes.

If you have feedback about that, please post them in the respective forums.

Special Ammo in ODZ

This is on their radar but it was not addressed in this maintenance.

Invisible Walls

They are looking into this issue. So when you have a video or a screenshot, post them on the forums. So that it can be reproduced.

No audio from Xbox recordings

There is a bug where you don’t record audio when you capture gameplay on Xbox. That is a known bug and a fix is ready for the next update.

Free Vanity items

It has been reported that the vanity items stopped dropping from the open world.

It was difficult to reproduce and understand why it actually happens.

So in a future change, this will be fixed so that all 72 items should drop again.


Raid Leaderboard

Currently there is a 4min speedrun on the PC Raid Leaderboards. That is being investigated to understand how this number came to be.

They are not accusing anybody of purposefully exploiting a bug or cheating before they don’t have everything figured out. If they do find that agents involved in the time purposefully cheated or exploited they will also be punished. When they can confirm that the time is 100% illegitimate and they can safely remove it, they will do so.


In addition to those, the studio is also contemplating whether they should continue doing these State of the Game video streams if there’s nothing really new to communicate. This is some of the stuff discussed (as per Reddit):

Future State of the Games

Obviously they can’t communicate big news in every State of the Game, but the basic question is, should they do a State of the Game if there is nothing new to be communicated.

So they are looking into changing the format, what they want to do on the State of the Game, when there is nothing new to talk about. What will be shown, what will be talked about, is behind the scenes something that interests people and also expectation management. One goal is, that it should be clear from the get-go that no big news are being dropped.

This will be discussed with the community and then they will make the decisions, how they will proceed with the streams and what they show in what context.

If you have any feedback about this topic, how they communicate the information in what context and on what platform, please post them on the different forums and platforms.

In other The Division 2 news, Ubisoft has confirmed that the game did not live up to the publisher’s financial expectations, which might (or might not) come as a shock to you depending on your point-of-view.