The Finals Beta Update .04 for March 17 Released, Here Are the Changes

The Finals beta update .04

Embark has released The Finals beta update .04 this March 17, and this includes balance changes, bug fixes and more! Read on for the complete The Finals update patch notes for today.

The Finals Beta Update .04 Patch Notes | The Finals Beta Update March 17 Patch Notes:


  • Animations

Fixed an issue where manual action reloads would sometimes not trigger

  • Audio

Tweaked ranges for various Foley sound effects
Tweaked relevancy of indoor ambience
Updated various clothing sounds
Added progress sound for getting revived by a teammate

  • Characters

Fixed an issue where some characters would appear without clothing
Fixed an issue where characters would become permanently invisible

  • Gravity Glove

Improved response time when picking up items

  • Levels

Improved interactions with vertical ziplines to make them easier to use
Removed camera shake from Cashout Stations
Made crane ziplines indestructible

  • Ranked Mode

Added Diamond League to the ranking system

  • UI

Fixed an issue with teams not highlighting correctly on the tournament pyramid
Fixed an issue where squad loadouts would not change during drafting Fixed an issue where the ‘Invite to Party’ button would show for the party leader even when the party was full
Fixed an issue hindering Report a Player from recent players screen

  • Visual effects

Tuned various muzzle flash effects


  • Cashout Mode

Reduced team wipe respawn times from 25 seconds to 20 seconds


  • Cloak

Added new audio when in use, including volume adjustments based on movement speed and new exit and entry audio

Increased the max duration from 10 seconds to 12 seconds

  • Dash

Fixed an issue where dash sound effects would not play

  • Body Types

Reduced Heavy health from 350 to 325


  • Dome Shield

Reduced radius by 25%

Increased friction and reduced bounce to make Dome Shields easier to place

Removed the ability to pick them up

Fixed an issue where theys could knock over or push Cashout Stations and Vaults

  • Defibrillators

Reduced the health given by 50%

  • Explosive Mines

Fixed an issue where spectator cameras could detonate mines

Increased Mine environmental damage from 550 to 1025

  • Liftables

Increased Oil Barrel environmental damage from 550 to 2050


.30-06 Sniper – Fixed an issue where the crosshair of the sniper scope could twitch

AKM -Increased AKM magazine size from 30 to 36

Flamethrower – Reduced Flamethrower reload time from 4 seconds to 3.5 seconds

LH1 – Increased LH1 magazine size from 10 to 20

M32 Grenade Launcher – Reduced M32 reload time from 3.5 seconds to 3.1 seconds

M60 – Reduced M60 reload time from 4 seconds to 3.5 seconds

M11 – Increased magazine size from 32 to 40

Pump-action Grenade Launcher – Reduced Pump-action manual action reload duration by 20%

Repeater Shotgun – Decreased bullet dispersion size

Riot Shield – Increased Riot Shield damage from 60 to 68

SA1216 Shotgun – Decreased bullet dispersion size

Sledgehammer -Increased Sledgehammer damage from 130 to 145, Increased Sledgehammer
environmental damage from 550 to 685

Sword – Increased Sword damage from 45 to 74

V9S – Increased V9S magazine size from 18 to 24

That’s about it. For more on The Finals, check out our hands-on impressions of the upcoming shoot here.

Source: The Finals (Twitter)

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