The Last of Us Part II Gameplay to Be Shown at E3 2018, Around 50-60% Done According to Naughty Dog

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While Sony didn’t show any new trailer or gameplay of The Last of Us Part II at the currently on-going PlayStation Experience (PSX), developer Naughty Dog did do a panel where the highly anticipated game was talked about a lot.

During the panel, The Last of Us Part II Game Director Neil Druckmann mentioned that the game is roughly 50-60 percent complete. Not only that, but when asked when we’ll get to see actual The Last of Us Part II gameplay, Druckmann confirmed that we’ll see our first glimpse of it at next year’s E3 (E3 2018)!

You can watch the live panel in the video below, but it’s a bit on the long side. The Last of Us Part II stuff starts around the 2:56:00 mark with Ellie voice actress Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker starting the panel with an awesome song.

Mind, E3 2018 is about six months away, but given how The Last of Us is considered one of the best games of all time by a lot of people (including me), then it’s understandable why people gobble up every bit of info about the highly anticipated sequel.

What do you hope to see in The Last of Us Part II at E3? Maybe a full-on section of just gameplay or maybe a quick snippet showing the infected? Once more news about The Last of Us Part II crops up, we’ll be sure to let readers know.

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