The Last of Us Part II Poster Features a Hidden Image

With Naughty Dog having been super tight-lipped when it comes to The Last of Us Part II details, fans have been scrutinizing every small piece of information they can find, in an attempt to determine what the next game will entail, and what on earth has happened to Joel and Ellie.

In celebration of Outbreak Day, a The Last of Us Part II poster was made. Fans immediately grabbed their magnifying glasses and began inspecting it for clues. 

Look closely at the bottom-half of the poster and you’ll spot what is unmistakably a wolf, with glowing eyes. 

TheWolfHall explains one theory inspired by the image:

The theory suggests that the arm which is holding the hammer is of Joel, and the wolf represents his attitude. The wolf is usually known for its trickery, deceit and its pack mentality.

We all know at the end of the first part Joel lied to Ellie to protect her from the Fireflies, and hence it is very likely that Ellie discovers this trickery during the events of the game. 

Commenter Danny DeMent has his own theory:

That’s a work hammer. If anything, it would signify rebuilding. Facing the wolf also suggests enmity, that the Wolf is a shadow of a threat. Perhaps Joel or Ellie are trying to rebuild, have a life, and this “pack of predators” comes along to threaten it? Maybe the Fireflies found her and are hunting her?

What do you make of the hidden image?

Source: TheWolfHall

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