The Most Popular Game Genres in Japan

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Video gaming has rapidly grown in Japan, with the most prominent game genres being the largest revenue generators. There are several Japanese based games inventions whose design slightly differs from the others. The country still stands out as an essential contributor in the gaming industry, and several distinct genres are particularly popular here which includes;


It is the most popular genre in Japan that has been in existence since the 1980s and has the most significant number of active users to date. It merely means Japanese Role-playing games where a player controls a visionary character in an imaginary world. They tend to be massive and take a lot of time to complete while offering lots of things to explore. Some of the most popular JRPG titles include “Monster Strike,” “Puzzle and Dragon,” and “GranBlue Fantasy,” among many. This game genre is also very popular for casinos who offer withdrawing in-game money as real money. Read more here about these exciting types of casino games.

Fighting Games

This game genre has been in the industry for several decades, and most of them are made in Japan. The games are basically what the name insinuates; it involves characters kicking one another. This genre is here to stay and has significantly evolved from the “Street Fighter II,” which ruled in the 90s to the 3D types like “Tekken” and “Dead or Alive.” Today numerous fighting game options are available ranging from the traditional 2D models to the most recent 3D and fully-rotating games.

Social Dating and love Simulations

They are also known as dating sims where a player continuously pursues a virtual partner to win their affection until they respond. They are heavily based on a story and rely on the players’ emotions and mainly involve life management, conversations, dates, and running errands with a potential mate. Romance is usually an essential aspect in various games like “Tokimeki Memorial” or the “Love Plus” that simulates having a girlfriend who requires attention from you.

Visual Novels

These kinds of games draw imagery, content, and incredible storyline from books and then transform them into a video game with minimal voices, low-key music, and fixed images. It is a popular Japanese genre where novels often get adapted to animated graphics resulting in very adventurous games. Most times, you will navigate through trees and branching paths. You can either choose to play “To the Moon,” an emotional option, “Analogue” based on a hate story, or the” Corpse Party” a scary alternative. 

Quiz Games

Arcade quiz games are quite popular in Japan, and they involve multiple trivial questions; when you answer them right, then your anime avatar cheers you on. They usually come with an elaborate theme, which makes them more fun; you need to answer several questions right to surpass the game’s hazards. It was more popular in the 80s’ and 90s’, but you will still find some quiz games like “Quiz Magic Academy” in various Japanese arcades.


Japan is still setting high trends in the gaming industry and has pioneered several foundational genres. There are numerous game genres played by most people in Japan, but the above examples give you a general view of the most appealing options available. 

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